What programs do you use and why?

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What programs do you use and why?

Postby always86 » Mon, 16Feb01 18:00

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone likely to answer here in advance. I appreciate all your work for the community. If this isn't the right place for the question apologies.

I've been a fan of the types of games Tlaero and Mortze make for a while, and i've always toyed with the idea of doing it myself. What i'd like to know is what i'd need access to in order to try and make one of these games. So please go in to this assuming I know nothing (it's pretty close to the truth)

My basic question is this what programs do you use and why?

Let me expand that slightly though. I can see Daz3D looks great and a lot of time has gone in to AC and I really enjoy the games using this system.

What other options are there other than AC? Is that the only free source engine for creating these types of games? Is something similar to the LoP games available?

What is the difference between DAZ3D and Poser? Can Daz do the posing?

Can DAZ3d create both environments and characters?

In your opinions as creators what are the must have add ons? Any of the paid ones worth the money/ must haves?

Does DAZ3d automatically include the option for nudity and sex?

Thanks again

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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby Mortze » Mon, 16Feb01 18:56

I'll start giving my insight.

First, as a software to put all the pics and text I'd suggest AC because that's what I know and because Tlaero did a tremendous job for some time now making it rather intuitive for noobs like myself who deal with code like water with oil.
It's very easy and if there are some complex things you want to do in your gameplay it has the advantage of having Tlaero, Kexter, Woldschadowe and many other good souls here that can help you and/or write the code for you. They all know AC very well, because, in a way, thanks to Tlaero interactivity with the forum, they all contributed to its upgrades.
There are other softwares out there but the one I know is AC. Our games were done with that software.

Daz or Poser? Well, again, I'm biased because I've only worked with DAZ. There are lots of blogs and forums out there that explain the merits and flaws for both DAZ and Poser. I believe either has its pros and cons. But DAZ is free when Poser isn't so that's a plus to start.
The cool thing is that 3d content that works with Poser also works ith DAZ (mostly) and vice-versa. So, my advice? I don't have one. I know a super great artist, my favorite one in 3d art, Erogenesis, that works with Poser, so can't tell you what to use.
I don't know what other 3d artists here use but it could be better if you'd get a clue of what we use in case you need any technical advice. If our majority use DAZ go far that. If it is Poser spend a little more and go for Poser.
DAZ has most of the same features as Poser. You can do posing with DAZ yes.

I believe DAZ and Poser can create characters but it is super hard to do. I'm not sure but a good professional in 3d and coding could sculpt things in those softwares. But that's way beyond my league. Maybe that's your case too. What you will have to do is acquire 3d content either freely or in 3d content sites like DAZ3D Studio site, Renderosity, RuntimeDNA, etc.

The female models and figures usually come naked. Male also have the genitals. For female you'll have to buy it separately I think. I don't know how the more recent models are.

DAZ3d already has some basic models and settings and clothings when you download it. I don't know about Poser.
But that might not be enough. You'll have to aquire morphing packages, more skins if you can't make your own on Photoshop (not easy), clothings, props, environments etc.

My advice for must haves are Victoria 4 and Michael 4 figures. Lots of clothings and hairs for them.
Also, the Elite moprhs and Morphs++ are essential for both.
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby fleet » Mon, 16Feb01 19:06

I use DAZ since the base program is free. I agree with Mortze about Victoria 4 and Michael 4.
For making my visual novels, I use Visual Novelty. I already went thru the learning curve on it. It's free, but it only produces output in Windows format, plus it requires the game player to have DirectX 9. Fortunately kexter can convert my stuff to HTLM which is playable on Windows, MAC, and Linux systems without requiring DirectX9.
If I were just starting out I'd probably go with AC.
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby always86 » Tue, 16Feb02 00:48

Thanks for the responses.

Does Victoria 4 and Michael 4 reference the generation? I notice a lot of things on the DAZ3D homepage mentions '7' Does later generation suggest higher quality or just newer?

What about locations? For example Mortze how did you get the Flat in RoJ or the ship in Pandora?


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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby sylakone2 » Tue, 16Feb02 03:01

Hi Always86

I can add my two bobs worth as well.
I also aggree with Mortze and fleet DAZ3d is the best place to start due to it being free and currenlty if you ahve the hardware in my opinion IRAY is much better thatn what Poser is offering.
Other than that V4 and M4 are a good place to start for your models.
As for Scenes yes you can buy scenes for daz like all of the locations and such I have done the same with Inspiring Celina.
Although I made Inspiring Celina in Poser.
I am using DAZ3D with Iray for my game Model Friends and I am using Poser for Envying Celina mainly becasue I had all the models set up with poser and had started making that game before Iray was added to Daz3d.

For Celina we used AC and it is very good for a beginner.
For our latest games we are using WBA by Soulmate it is also very easy to use and is Web based instead of application based like AC.

Both are really good engine for beginners.

Like Tlaero, Soulmate is actively working to improve WBA and has added some great new features recently.

Hope that helps.


Cheers Sy
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby Mortze » Tue, 16Feb02 03:09

Places and props, you can find at the sames sites I said, like Renderosity.
Here you have a place you'll recognize from several games out there, namely DwE. https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/dow ... ment/87335

Sure, I did some texture changes. You can work on the things you buy, to change texture and colours. Even shapes.

I'm not sure which generation are V4 and M4. I'd say 4 :p
But there's some confusing labeling of this generation things.
From what I know there are Michael and Victoria and this figures have 4 generations up to date. So, V, V2m V3 and V4 for Victoria.
But DAZ3d Studio launched their own figures called Genesis and by now I think there are 3 generations. Genesis 1, Genesis 2 and Genesis 3. They have male and female.
Recently, they launched the Victoria 7 and Michael 7 that are upgrades to the Genesis 3 figures. Yeah, confusing. They could have called it Genesis 4.
I might be wrong on all this, please correct me if needed but that's what I understand so far.

The figures only, I recently tried out V7 and I gotta say she has lots and lots of morphs and articulated possibilities compared to the V4 figure I use. But it doesn't convice me to migrate to V7 because:
1/ I'm used to work with V4. I know every aspect of her articulated body. I'd have to study V7 from scratch.
2/ Since V7 generation is relatively new there aren't much morphs, plug-ins, clothes, shoes, hair, you name it, for it.
3/ There isn't any form to convert easily and fast all my V4 and M4 content to the more recent figures.

All in all, you may ask me, what to buy, V4 or V7? I don't have an answer to you.
That's the same question as if Sony launched a Playstation V 2 months ago. Buy PP4 or P5. Sure P5 is better, but you got lots of more games with P4. Don't think about the figures, they cost roughly the same, give or take 20 bucks. Think about all the rest you'll have to invest for that figure.
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby Ehlanna » Tue, 16Feb02 11:33

I use Daz Studio. There are a large number of posts and stuff 'out there' about Poser and Daz Studio, how they came to be, how they developed and how they compare. The simple version is that they both do the same things, but in a slightly different fashion. Neither really create content to use (though they can both be used to 'set up' (rig) things that have been created elsewhere), and both can allow you to change the look of stuff that is loaded (different colours, textures, etc.). What they do is take existing content that someone has created, allows you to set up a scene (by position and posing items), set up lighting and (of course!) create a 3D image.
Again, with the figures, there are many tracts about the versions and generations. I know I will be lynched by some, but for me it all starts with the Gen 4 figures: Michael 4 and Victoria 4.2 (along with her morphs The Girl, Stephanie Petite and Aiko 4, you will often see reference to VAGS - that is Vicky, Aiko, Girl, Stephanie). After Gen 4 came the Genesis figure, which is androgynous and can take on both male and female shapes. Genesis can use textures sets from Gen 4 figure sets. Michael 5 and Victoria 5 are based on the Genesis base figure.
After Genesis came Genesis 2 Male and Female, the figures were separated again, with Michael 6 being based on G2M and Victoria 6 from G2F. We start getting confusion over what can and cannot be done natively at this stage! A little technical background ... what lets the programs apply textures accurately onto an item is called a 'UV map'. I think the Gen 4 figures just had a UV map each. Genesis had a base UV map, plus could read and make use of Gen 4 UV maps natively. G2M and G2F could read and use base Genesis UV maps (as well as their own base maps, of course!) but they had to be applied via a .duf file not a .pz2 (Poser format) format. There are ways around that, and products exist to allow easy use of Gen 4 textures on G2M/F.
Where confusion lies is just what UV maps a product uses, as often a texture set for a Genesis female with be touted as for 'Victoria 5' but will use Gen 4 UV mapping.
Genesis 3 Male and Female are, sort of, an extension of G2M and F, but more so! The UV mapping has been altered so that backward compatibility has, to a large degree, lost - some products are available to remedy this but I have no knowledge of how good they are. Victoria 7 and Michael 7 spring from G3F and G3M base figures.
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby always86 » Tue, 16Feb02 12:20

Thanks again everyone, really interesting stuff. I hope anyone else looking to get started or at least play around with the tech finds this as useful as me.
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby Grebble » Wed, 16Mar09 22:07

The programs I currently use are Daz, Photoshop and RPGMaker;

Daz: It was the first program that I found that could produce what I needed, I have since then found poser and carrara but I still prefer Daz due to it's easy learning curve.

Photoshop: Every image needs some editing to it, and it's a tool I've been using for years

RPGMaker: I have no game making experience, and again it was the first tool that I found after playing some games that were made on it
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby lamont Sanford » Wed, 16Mar09 22:43

I use daz, photoshop and inform 7 as to why, it is just the first things I used so why change? I tried updating to the newest version of inform and felt lost using it so I went back to the one I have been using.
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby GDS » Tue, 16Apr12 14:22

Daz Studio is the easiest and one of the best for renders. not arguing with that!
But to light the background and the people on the scene at once can be bothersome ,
so I started to render only the people and then the only the background and merge then on PhotoShop PS Its not free but IMO is the best after you learn how to use.

To make cumshots: Photoshop PS! again is freaking realist and have amazing results in like 5m of work, but its hard to learn,

To make the game you can use AC creator from Tiero from this Forum, but I only recommend if you have no programing skill, because if you, do there are better option,
DONT use Unity even the Free one its too heavy for this kind of game. its better for 3D ones.

I myself use GM: Studio there is a free version on steam, but you NEED to paid to do anything good on it, but the only limitation is no True 3D game, other than that you can do wonders if you know basic C programing.

And game using more power form GM:S that I made here:
[*]Suddenly a Party!:http://the-new-lagoon.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3965
[*]Matt and the Bus stop Girl:http://the-new-lagoon.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3666
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby d.e.vane » Wed, 16Nov23 05:10

I still haven't fully settled into anything (unless we're talking about text editors), but I'm on linux and am also very broke, so that shapes my options somewhat.

For almost all of my 3D stuff, I use Blender. It's general purpose and has a bit of a learning curve, but with enough practice you can do almost anything with it. I'm curious about Maya but, as mentioned, being broke prevents me from purchasing a copy and Blender does the job just fine so far. The exception to this is for the generation of human figures; for that, I use either Makehuman or Manuel Bastoni's (sp?) plugin for Blender.

For 2D edits, I use GIMP, though I'm thinking about trying out Krita at some point. GIMP's not as good as Photoshop, but at my current level it's still got more than I need, so I'm happy with it.

As for engines, etc., I'm currently just rolling my own in C++ / SDL2, with supplementary tools (dialogue editor, etc.) written in Python. Partially for fun, partially for purposes of flexibility. Looking back, it's been very slow going and I could have probably made 95% of my current project using Renpy, and that last 5% wouldn't really be missed anyway, so... might go that route for my next porn game, if I ever manage to finish my current one. Godot also looks pretty interesting, though I have very little experience with it.
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby Mik » Wed, 16Nov23 11:59

I think it's mostly about 3D posing/render programs, existing game engines and post processing.
I use bought 3D models for my images, and having some kind of "deja vu" seeing places in other peoples renders,
I think, at least here, the majority do so.

Tried blender myself, but contrary to Daz3d, you are lost in blender without a solid base of shortcut knowledge.
Cause I feel a little "incomplete" without the ability to create 3D models myself, I've bought myself Hexagon
(which is not that expensive), but have not tried it yet.

I would love to create my own 3D objects/places, but atm I'm busy to generate a good workflow in Daz3D.
Speaking of characters, I have no ambitions to create my own, given the fact, that you got some (mostly)
working proper, fully rigged base models free with Daz3d, and a character texture for a few dollars, when
it is on sale at renderosity (Though it would tempt me to create my own character "skin").

I'm into programming myself and I think it is a good idea to get used to python, a lot of cgi related programs
and also game engines are based on it.
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby Boomatica » Thu, 17Jan12 20:37

If you're looking for a easier way to get pictures i'd suggest using progams such as

HoneySelect / 3dSexvilla.

Quick and easy to get alot of content for your game.
There are some restrictions to use these programs though.
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Re: What programs do you use and why?

Postby Super » Fri, 17Jan13 01:17

If you want to make a tlaero style visual novel I'd suggest WBA just because of the versatility of the show if option. Especially if you want to eat things a bit more complicated
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