CREATORS, Please discuss ...(this topic) ... with me

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CREATORS, Please discuss ...(this topic) ... with me

Postby Squeeky » Thu, 16Jan28 03:11

If there is an issue that is not already being discussed, I invite you to choose one of two options.

1. Please add your request to the end of this thread, possibly giving some context, and hopefully someone versed in that field will create the necessary topic to begin the sharing.
Please remember that this is NOT a problem solving area, useProjects” or “The beachfor that.

2. One may however initiate their own topic by giving us, for instance, a short history of some developmental event or technique which is intended to lead into a discussion about better/alternative means to achieve an outcome. I offer the example here as an explanation.

Note also: Mortze has made an offer to present some tutorials on some topics, possibly with some video stuff. Read his opening and then tell him if you have a need.
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