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Re: Adventure Creator release thread

Postby Tao Dude » Sun, 17Jan01 14:08

tlaero wrote:That's an interesting approach that Norton is using. I don't think it really works, though. By the nature of what they do, Virus writers need to infect a large number of machines. But an indie developer can realistically have a very small number of users. It feels like Norton is only going to get false positives with this. At the very least, the "false positive to true positive" ratio is going to be pretty high.

True. The only benefit I can see is that it catches potential viruses early before a lot of people have been infected. Presumably, the big developers either let the AV vendors know when a new release is coming out or have their digital signatures are registered somewhere that gets over the hump of the first few adopters having their software quarantined?

tlaero wrote:Anyway, AC2 doesn't require any kind of administrator privileges, so it shouldn't ask you to elevate. And, barring a zero-day attack, there's not much an app can do to you if you don't let it elevate. (That's the box that comes up and says something like, "Do you want to let this program make changes to your computer." If you ever have ANY doubt about a program, you should always say "No!" when that box comes up.)

Thanks for that, Tlaero. I am pretty good with computers in general, just new to writing games. I started out just after the last ice age writing embedded software in assembler when microprocessors had only 8 bits and a 64k codespace [img]images/icones/icon14.gif[/img]
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Re: Adventure Creator release thread

Postby tlaero » Mon, 17May22 01:28

I've just released v1.9 of AC2. Included in this release is a new version of the jpgConv utility. It used to be purely a command line tool. I added a simple GUI UI for people who don't tend to use cmd anymore. Run jpgConv, set the quality level, choose whether to overwrite the files, and drag the files you want converted to the window. If you choose to overwrite them, they'll go in the same directory. If you choose not to, it'll create a directory called "Converted" there and put the converted files there. All the cmd line stuff still works the same way it used to, so if you have scripts that call it, they shouldn't be affected by this.

The GUI doesn't convert file resolutions like the cmd line does. I figured most people don't do that, so didn't write the GUI for it. If people really want that functionality, I'll add it. You can still use the cmd line. Same with recursive conversions and choosing separate directories for read and write.

As for AC2, while I was working on Pandora I found some rather egregious bugs. I also had a few small features that I wanted. I figured I should sharpen the axe before starting on the next game. The release notes are below. If anyone has any trouble with any of this, please let me know.

Link is the same as always.


There were some terrible bugs when you navigated away from a page you hadn't saved and AC2 asked if you wanted to save the page. In many cases, if you said "yes" it overwrote the page you were navigating to. Those should all be fixed now.

AC2 will now do the right thing if you accidentally open game.js (or any of the files in the files folder). It used to inadvertently go into localization mode.

Added Ctrl-Shift-N to send focus to the Current Area Link box. This means less tabbing when creating a bunch of pages with a main area and no says.

Reordered the Area context menu to better reflect what I tend to do with it.

Changed it so that when you create a new area it stays selected.
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