[3D FLASH] Virtual Sex Doll YUNA (English Version)

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Re: [3D FLASH] Virtual Sex Doll YUNA (English Version)

Postby 60nowise » Sun, 08Nov09 18:47

Hello steenmp, it is not a game! You can just click a bottom and look. My opinion: boring!
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Re: [3D FLASH] Virtual Sex Doll YUNA (English Version)

Postby luke » Mon, 08Nov10 17:03

Arnulf wrote : For unnpacking rar files, you can also take 7zip. It's freeware also and can be found with google.

Zipgenius works fine too. And it's also free
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Re: [3D FLASH] Virtual Sex Doll YUNA (English Version)

Postby Arnulf » Mon, 08Nov10 21:44

Normally I don't like such games, whereby you only can watch pictures, animated or not. But in this case I'm thinking of looking at his game, because Yuna is a figure of a Playstation game "Final Fantasy", which my son played years ago with enthusiasm and he therefore named our cat "Yuna". The cat is meanwhile six years old. I'll give that game a chance.......................
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