Elsaverse games in Renp'y engine

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Elsaverse games in Renp'y engine

Postby Mortze » Sat, 19Jun15 15:42


Renp'y seems to be the most wanted game engine for indie ero games.
Tlaero and I have had some success with our games (in our niche) but some people desired us to change for the Renp'y engine for quite some tiem, and others will perhaps want to know the games if it's in Renp'y.

It was Ariane, a fellow game developer that made Something's in the Air and Date Ariane https://arianeb.com/ who converted our games to Renp'y. Thank you Ariane!

In these versions you'll find also some short stories we made, in the appropriate game to keep up with the timeline of the Elsaverse.

Here are the links:

Dreaming with Elsa PC https://mega.nz/#!8KJXlACQ!m0nKxWStObOm ... zcm_2jFLys
Dreaming with Elsa Mac https://mega.nz/#!VCJz1IJZ!Cp5LbWI0-sqY ... Sx20Q7ltsY

Redemption for Jessika PC https://mega.nz/#!wXBDGAga!OTYrHRzvoYUe ... vD_BXr0Etk
Redemption for Jessika Mac https://mega.nz/#!xDATXIyK!BPh_zpDBOYDO ... nzSaskzOyo

Finding Miranda PC https://mega.nz/#!lbJTHKzC!NwZa_ExUQZ8m ... nmnm-v7COI
Finding Miranda Mac https://mega.nz/#!cTAnHAzS!bVkNPfyVERmP ... zwudQWtuCw

Saving Chloe PC https://mega.nz/#!RWZTkACT!E1bICU3fmiuc ... rlM4lG67GY
Saving Chloe Mac https://mega.nz/#!sXAVRYrQ!ddviBoV98emm ... XvDYr0_pFQ

I hope you enjoy playing these versions (for those who already know the games) and for those who are new, have fun!

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Re: Elsaverse games in Renp'y engine

Postby MaxCarna » Sun, 19Jun16 12:16

Outstanding, big thanks to you and Ariane!
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Re: Elsaverse games in Renp'y engine

Postby ArianeB » Fri, 19Oct04 21:48


I was busy with my own projects and completely missed this post.

I now have a blog post about this project that also points out some of the differences between the Renpy versions and the HTML versions. I believe Saving Chloe is the only one that didn't involve some changes to the game to work in Renpy.

Here's my post: https://arianeb.com/2019/10/06/elsavers ... -in-renpy/
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