Ashley's Stories

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Ashley's Stories

Postby Dragonmaestro » Mon, 18Apr30 03:46


This is not really a game, so to speak, more like a graphic novel... But I felt like posting it on this forum anyway.

I just opened a new section to my site where i'll be posting short graphic stories about characters of the Naughty Island Universe. I'll be posting new stories every now and then (both on my site and on here (but don't worry mods, I won't start a new thread for each one of them, I'll just update this one)). The first story, "Ashley's First Time" can be downloaded here :

The link to my new section :

As you can tell from the title, the first story is about the time Ashley lost her virginity.

Although most of the stories (if not all) will be narrated by Ashley, she will be starring in only a few... As I want to really develop the story behind the characters... Something I can't always do in a standard game... And it will also be more interresting to the reader than always seeing the same damn girl. ;)

Feel free to comment below, I'm always happy to get some feedback. :)
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Re: Ashley's Stories

Postby fleet » Mon, 18Apr30 16:50

I thought it was interesting, but very short. I like the idea of the main character narrating. I'm trying something similar.
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