New organization, new rules

Complete and totally free games (the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game)

Re: New organization, new rules

Postby Ncrdrg » Sun, 17Sep17 12:03

Great call shark. We obviously needed some way to post about games with patreon, as it's become the de-facto way to finance many erotic game creators. At the same time, the concern regarding low-quality authors just making a tease initial version (more often than not incest-based) looking for people to pay them is real. I see it elsewhere and it becomes very difficult to be able to figure out what's worth playing or not.

So yeah, I like the decision to only let active community members post about premium/part-free games, rather than the authors themselves. Otherwise, it wouldn't take too long for that subforum to turn into an advertising billboard.
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Re: New organization, new rules

Postby Lalelu » Wed, 17Sep27 09:54

I'd think that the thread-split would make a bit more sense / be a lot clearer with a tagging format?

- Episodic but free releases (such as BEW) get moved back into the "Free Games" section, with [Incomplete] in the header
- Fully paid releases (such as LOP Gold, in contrast to "You can pay for a little bit of extra content") get [Gold], [Premium], or [Restricted] or something, not sure of the best wording

This way, you'd have all the fully free games in one place (with a clear marker for games which aren't complete yet, for people who want to avoid those) & similarly, all games which you can't access at all without paying (and are thus "irrelevant" for the majority of members) are also obvious at a glance.

Normally Forum software has some way to enable (potentially even coloured) tags in the header, else just typing it sounds fine to me too

Obviously this would be a ton of work to add to the backlog of threads, but one could just do it for currently active + new ones, and leave the rest comparably unsorted?
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