Illustrated Love Stories

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Re: Illustrated Love Stories

Postby Inthedepths » Mon, 17Oct30 16:44

I tried to get to the site when I heard about it shutting down but it was already too late. If possible would someone be able to put any links to the stories that they had downloaded. Thanks
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Re: Illustrated Love Stories

Postby LRM » Mon, 17Oct30 18:23

Tao Dude wrote:
h4h4 wrote:Perhaps we should have a "Request" section on the Lagoon? What do you think? It would be perfect for topics like this.

I managed to download all the stories before the site shut down. I'm not sure of the legality of sharing them on: as the site made them available for free before it closed, it is arguable that these are now public domain.

I have a free MediaFire account. If you create one, that would probably work as somewhere to put them for download, Dude.
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Re: Illustrated Love Stories

Postby yahoo » Mon, 17Oct30 22:33

Just so you don't get in legal trouble, the files are not public domain and I'd not risk calling them that.
However, since the author disclaimed these works and released them for free, it can be quasi-legally called abandonware.
The stories themselves have never been owned by the owner of the site, since they were all released on literotica, but the authors of the stories have never put forward legal claim to the stories, anyway.
If you release the contents, just make sure you're not making revenue from them, and you're probably not going to be affected.
There is an easier way, assuming the site owner has not closed his mediafire account. The stories were all made available through mediafire and other than online stories, the site was just a catalog of links to mediafire to get the story downloads. If somebody has the mediafire links, I think they can be safely posted as long as they're up.
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Re: Illustrated Love Stories

Postby Tao Dude » Tue, 17Oct31 00:17

A lot of the pages had errors in them that probably didn't show up when they were together on the website. I had to use an HTML editor to tweak the links to make them work.
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Re: Illustrated Love Stories

Postby wllwf » Wed, 17Nov08 16:14

LucaNatoli wrote:That site has already shut down. RIP. It was pretty good back then.

Oh my God, I thought it would shut down in December. I downloaded almost 60%. Could somebody show the whole names of these games? I should have downloaded the whole games. They are great arts!
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Re: Illustrated Love Stories

Postby PinkVendeta » Thu, 17Dec21 07:29

Their stories were so so, but the artwork was terrible, like WAY behind what everyone else was doing and getting into, and they never updated their skill set for advanced renderings and so on, it did not surprise me at all to hear of their closure.
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