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Re: Club Velvet Rose LOP Gold

Postby PinkVendeta » Tue, 17Mar21 09:44

I read your spoiler, and it is a great idea, it would take away the stat building totally and even the time building also, one can only hope Leo or Arnii reads it and sees its value and its merit and sees it would increase the overall experience and enjoyment for the person playing the game.

When Arnii first started out with the Haunted Island series, they were hotspot based games with mini games included, then with the heart meter, I loved them totally, same for MSP first 2 games, same for all of sharks games, and I loved them, but once a creator gets caught up in what is themed as popular area of games aka stats and or time based games, it literally puts me to sleep from boredom.

Tho I would like to thank Arnii as all 3 Haunted Island games and Big City Campus are made from a female POV, nice to be a girl playing as a girl in a game, as 99% of other games made are made from a male POV.

Stat and time based games is like playing one of pussoys games, but on a bigger scale, endless repeditive actions needed endlessly, leaves You searching for the bullet to either end the computer or yourself :lol:
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Re: Club Velvet Rose LOP Gold

Postby Crane » Mon, 17Mar27 11:08

tlaero wrote:Okay, taking off my cheerleader outfit now...


Now, that is the sexiest ellipsis i`ve ever seen. [img]images/icones/icon17.gif[/img]
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Re: Club Velvet Rose LOP Gold

Postby Kroq-Gar » Thu, 17Apr27 08:42

I still can't get the 1000 $ drink option is there someone that can go step by step cause the solution given is not so accurate in some points
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Re: Club Velvet Rose LOP Gold

Postby saolo996 » Fri, 17May05 21:50

tlaero wrote:I don't know if I count as a cheerleader, but... (Oh god, now you people are picturing me in high school in a cheerleading outfit. Stop that! :-)

While this storyline doesn't appeal to me, I don't think it's accurate to say that the concept of stat-building erotic RPGs is growing a beard. As I see things, the stat-building RPG is a genre of erotic games, comparable to other erotic genres like dating, adventure, and visual novel. Saying "the concept is growing a beard" is kind of like saying "the concept of a first person shooter on a game console has grown a beard."

It's totally fair to say, "I don't like stat builder RPGs." And it's completely fair to say, "I don't like playing games about dumb couples that cheat on each other." But that doesn't mean the genre is wrong and that Leo should make something else. You similarly wouldn't tell Marvel that the superhero movie genre is wrong and that they should make something else.

Leo and company are, in my rah rah opinion at least (damn, this skirt is short...), the hands down owners of the erotic stat-building genre, with a bunch of fantastic games under their belt, including two of the absolute best (Seducing the Throne, and Living with Temptation). These games are what they do. You don't have to like them, and you certainly don't need to pay for them, but it feels wrong to tell Leo to stop making them.

Okay, taking off my cheerleader outfit now...


I totally agree with you, you play a LOP game and you know there will be some stat building and some dead line to the game, it's also what makes them interesting and not too easy to play.

Then I have to thank you for the teasing about the cheerleader outfit and the skirt too short!

Bye everyone for a while, I have to finish... Alien Isolation before the week end expires :-))
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