Finding Miranda (En, Sp, Fr, It, Ge)

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Re: Finding Miranda (En, Sp, Fr, It, Ge)

Postby Nightshade09 » Mon, 18Jan08 08:15

Finding Miranda grows on you with each passing turn and play.

When I first played it I admit I hated it. Especially setting up Lucus' character at the beginning. That was like an immediate stap in the face that your playing a video game. And Not Role Play.

But as I look back now at it. Really that's the only thing you can do in order to play the rest of the game properly.

Graphics wise none of the other Elsa verse games an hold a candle to Finding Miranda. Miranda has them all beat! They are breath taking beautiful in many scenes.

An the Sex scenes... HOT!!, Realistic and Sensual Beautiful.

But the format of the dialogue especially at the beginning. Is scripted and predicted and ruins the complete enjoyment of the rest of the game. Were the rest of the Elsa verse game dialogue gives you the impression/appearance that its free flowing and you can pick the direction of the conversation. That does a heavy subtraction of enjoying FM completely.

As for the characters. Miranda and Lucus. Five stars out of five. Alot better then rest of Elsa verse characters.
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Re: Finding Miranda (En, Sp, Fr, It, Ge)

Postby ShadyGroves » Fri, 18Jan12 08:50


I'm curious. In the opening introduction of Finding Miranda. Its clear that Miranda and Xara have known each other for sometime.

When did they actually start that association. Was it before or after Miranda's being caught in the explosion and coma?

If I would happen to guess from the wording Miranda says just before Xara leaves for the door. It gives the impression that Xara knew Miranda before the coma?
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Re: Finding Miranda (En, Sp, Fr, It, Ge)

Postby tlaero » Fri, 18Jan12 18:57

This wasn't explicitly stated in any of the games or shorts, but Miranda met Xara after she woke up from her coma and desperately searched for ways to deal with her condition. One of the things she tried was martial arts and happened to go to Jan's gym where she met Xara.

When Xara leaves for the door in the intro to FM, Miranda is pointing out to no one in particular that Xara just came to get Miranda's help and didn't even have the social courtesy to ask how she was doing. Xara knows Miranda's condition at that point but isn't socially conscious enough to show sympathy, etc.

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