Touch or Mouse Control

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Touch or Mouse Control

Postby tlaero » Wed, 14Nov05 06:20

(I know this really belongs in Projects, but I'd like to get the opinions of a wide variety of game players, the majority of whom don't read that topic. Would it be possible to let this stay here for a week or two and then move it to Projects?)[Mod: This thread stays here but is signposted elsewhere - read and then follow if necessary.]

In Coffee for Keisha, I added the ability to control some animations with the mouse (thrusting, undressing, etc). I know some people didn't like the "minigames" you could fail at, but let's ignore those for now and just focus on the non-failable mouse controls.

I've recently added touch support to the tool some of us use to create these dating/relationship/adventure games. With that support, you'll be able to play on mouseless touch devices like tablets and phones.

The trouble is, those two features (mouse control and touch) are fairly mutually exclusive. The current state of web standards is such that controlling animations with touch on a variety of browsers isn't really ready yet.

So I'd like to take a poll.
Which would you rather have in a game, the ability to use a touch-only tablet or mouse control of animations? If you'd like to explain why, that's helpful too.

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