Unfaithful/Infidèle ? [FR][EN][DE/RU] V1.1.4.2 (08/10/2019)

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Re: Unfaithful/Infidèle ? [FR][EN][DE/RU] V1.1.3.3 (14/06/20

Postby Sarchx » Mon, 18Jun18 15:56

Have tested the solution now, and it works fine.

Whether you loose some storyline, I don't know though.
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Re: Unfaithful/Infidèle ? [FR][EN][DE/RU] V1.1.3.3 (14/06/20

Postby rudeboyuk » Thu, 18Jun21 22:28

Certainly sounds like something that is bypassing a scene. Who knows how much that breaks the game...
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Re: Unfaithful/Infidèle ? [FR][EN][DE/RU] V1.1.3.3 (14/06/20

Postby snake » Sun, 19Mar24 22:30

Quel dommage j'ai tout tenter et sa ne fonctionne pas
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Re: Unfaithful/Infidèle ? [FR][EN][DE/RU] V1.1.4.2 (08/10/20

Postby SilverAxe » Mon, 19Oct14 16:18

Glad to see you back ^^
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