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Re: Sexy Chat

Postby dave3180 » Thu, 11Oct27 18:46

This got me 100% completion

1 clean the floor
2 switch off the light
3 i like your hair
4 drink
5 lick your finger
6 kiss me
7 Show me your Belly

8 dance
9 jump
10 Shake your Ass
11 bend over
12 Lie Down
13 come closer
14 lapdance
15 show me your legs
16 Show me your Boob
17 Show me your Boob
18 bring your ass closer
19 bring your pussy closer

Then you need to have some dialogue with her:

My cock is hard for you
I like your dress
You are hot
Are you wet?
Do you masturbate?
What is your favorite position?
Are you bisexual?
Are you a virgin?
How many people have you had sex with?

Now you can ask:

20 Show me your ass

Then some more dialogue:

I like you
Do you like flowers?
DO you want to go out on a date?
i like your dress
you are sexy

Now you can ask:
21 show me your vagina
22 lie down
23 undress
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Re: Sexy Chat

Postby P-Slayer » Sat, 11Oct29 08:18

It's a very "meh' game
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Re: Sexy Chat

Postby Demosx » Fri, 12Apr20 18:58

Hello.I repeatedly typed those commands by order of my preference and tryed to make the word cheeky appear.So i have reached 100%.
turn around
show me a tit
show me a boob
show me a boob
spin around
kiss me
turn around
show me your feet/foot/heels
shake ass
first i liike your ass and then show me your ass
show cunt
show belly
clean floor
come closer
bring ass closer
bring pussy closer
i like your hair
drink sperm
switch off the light
lie down on the sofa

Some sweet words always help.See you in my country Greece for lessons in practise!!!
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Re: Sexy Chat

Postby lewd » Thu, 12May24 08:17

hi im new here and found this because of the virtual sex chatmate game

ask her name and tell her your name
clean the floor
shake your ass
lick your finger
show me your boob 2 times
come closer
bend over
turn off the lights
show your ass
come closer with your ass
show pussy
come closer with your pussy
lie down

try this sequence for the 100% mark
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Re: Sexy Chat

Postby Pedomudkip » Sat, 12Jun02 09:54

Limited vocabulary , but nonetheless quite fun :D
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Re: Sexy Chat

Postby toj » Sun, 12Jun24 10:31

I have tried all the listed "100% worked at me" walkthrough listed here, but always stuck on 85%!!!
(i saw several replys with this problem, but no solution.. :/)

theese commands are not working (after a lot of extra dialog.. love your, like your etc, and in different forms listed all here)
show legs
show ass
show vagina
lie down

what do i wrong?
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Re: Sexy Chat

Postby brownie696047 » Mon, 13Apr22 07:05

:roi: it is very easy to get over 100 per cent, engage her in conversation , be polite and she'll give you what you want, be an ass and you wind up with nothing! yes, this includes having to put up with her broken English, ! For those who think she's a chatbot [img]images/icones/icon7.gif[/img] , you're dead wrong, her name is Blanca Brzicova, better known to some as Brittany B or Blanca Brooke !
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Re: Sexy Chat

Postby neopagan » Sun, 20Dec13 00:42

Well, I have 95% and then I can say UNDRESS. She takes her dress off and sits naked.

But after that I say anything, and the dress is back.

I can't get over 95%, I tried every command from all these pages here. But i think undressing is the final step she can do, however I still had only 95%.

I expected more, at least at the end.
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