Mummy Love Part Three

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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby TBO1710 » Tue, 11Feb08 18:24

Can anyone tell me how to get past the scene in the locker room where the guy is masturbating in front of The Mommy Girl or email me the password?
My email is
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby Arnulf » Tue, 11Feb08 20:02

Please, TBO1719, give me more infos about this scene. I cannot exactly find out, what scene do you mean!
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby clawixp » Tue, 11Feb08 20:24

Site is down... :(
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby thundergod » Tue, 11Feb08 21:27

Patience, secret scene-searching folks. Here's a hint: the game is wall-to-wall sex. If people aren't actually having sex in a scene, someone in it is trying to. So if there's a scene in which there's no sex and no one is trying to have sex, that should stand out as special and suspicious. The "solution" is...well, don't overthink it. In a game of this type, how might you initiate a sex scene?

But: patience again. The trigger for the secret scene doesn't start the scene immediately; the one you're in plays out to the end, first. You are, however, provided a way to understand that you're doing the right thing. Watch carefully.

(What follows is plot-spoilerish, but I'll try to keep it vague when it involves puzzles.)

As for the game...graphically, it's yet another improvement. A lot of visual interest, excellent textures. Some goofy faces, especially on the men (or, alternatively, dull stone-facedness), but that's endemic to the genre. Siti...except when she's not by just gorgeous in this game.

The game play is mostly easier than anything Puso has done so far, with two exceptions. The first is the "busiest" scene in the locker room, which I'm still not sure I understand how to get through...I do, but I'm not sure I know what I'm doing to move that one particular bar past its halfway point, where all three can otherwise get stuck. The second is the Renthroe scene, which took a long while to figure out because there's something counter-intuitive about the progress bar.

The dialog is an improvement on the previous episodes, though it gets extremely (and to my mind, distastefully) juvenile at one point. Plot & characterization...well, it's a sex game and I'm probably overthinking this, but I have some problems with it.

First, Siti gets screwed here. (Pun only somewhat intended.) She deserved something better, and never had the chance. Because of that, I really don't understand the slow buildup of the scenes with the shy virgin. Unless they're going to pay off in the fourth installment, what's the point? She finally gets a chance at something she's actually chosen, and then...not so much.

But the bigger problem is Emma. Siti was used, repeatedly, but she was an active participant, too. She had agency. Emma seems to be after humiliation, seems to be *driven* to it. Even if we suppose that it's what Emma is contributing to the new situation -- though that's not at all suggested by her previous characterization -- it doesn't make any sense as we see it. The ankh needs one fluid, Emma is apparently into something else, but there's just nothing to suggest *why* Emma changes into something so different from Siti. Again, maybe this will be explained in the fourth installment, but it makes zero sense here.

Finally, of course, there's the content. I don't share Puso's bukkake obsession, but it's at least common to his games, and anyone playing ML3 without expecting it should probably have done a little more research. But I feel very strongly that the more extreme sorts of fetishism should be disclaimed in some fashion. I'm really, really not into the one featured here (the first appearance I could tolerate, just because of the nature of it, but the final scene was too much for me), and would at least have liked to know what I was getting into.

So, overall, it's a well-designed and very attractive game with some of the weakest puzzles of the "modern" Puso games, alternately good and baffling characterizations, a pretty good plot that sort of falls apart at the end, and a really unpleasant surprise in terms of sexual content.

And Siti still got screwed.
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby danigonz » Tue, 11Feb08 23:05

In defence of Pusoo's "wankfests"...

I haven't played this third part yet, but one thing I love from his creations is, precisely, his affection for cumshots, cumplay and group scenes. In porn, I like gangbangs and bukkakes, so the opportunity of play games with that kind of content is great.

Call me pervert, buy if I remanin playing his games even though its sometimes painful play mode, it's because I love to see the gorgeus girls he design cum-covered... [img]images/icones/icon15.gif[/img]
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby blevins29 » Wed, 11Feb09 00:18

I just finished the entire game and bonus scene. Nicely done but way too many cum shots and still the wrist tiring movements. The anal scene was truely a pain in the butt too. I like Pusooy's games but the fatigue on the wrists keeps me from wanting to complete them more than once, Great graphics, as usual - requires several hours to finish..
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby Jackson » Wed, 11Feb09 00:41

I agree with most ppl's opinion here. I'm into girls and in this kind of game we get to see a lot of cock.
The game itself is well made. Just as also mentioned before, I also don't like the sometimes annoying wrist movements that take ages.
In the lockerroom seems to be a bug sometimes. The rapid head-movement seems to be a sign of that since that isn't supposed to happen. I had this and than was stuck at the first guy masturbating. When I reloaded the page and played again it worked just fine.
I didn't find the secret scene and I'm at the moment not willing to play through the somewhat tiring gameplay again and then miss the point...
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby TheBrain » Wed, 11Feb09 02:34

thundergod wrote : But: patience again. The trigger for the secret scene doesn't start the scene immediately; the one you're in plays out to the end, first. You are, however, provided a way to understand that you're doing the right thing. Watch carefully

Cheers, I already knew where to look, but with this I could actually trigger it :). It's weird that I hadn't seen that before.

But as an extra tip for anyone who's still looking, if you've completed the game and know the code, you can trigger the secret scene even if you've just switched to the right place (and then triggered it of course). So you don't need to play (suffer?) through it again :).
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby TBO1710 » Wed, 11Feb09 03:43

When she's in the locker room with the guys, they all drop their towels and after she gives a guy a blowjob the masturbates near here. But right now I can't even access the site.
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby shadowedstriker » Wed, 11Feb09 08:22

] [img]smile/pcrying.gif[/img] i cant seem to find the trigger for the secret scene. can someone help please ? :ouin: :ouin:
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby jsec » Wed, 11Feb09 12:40

jsec wrote : As always I'm stuck. In the boy's locker room, when the first boy is jerking off (after the really fast head movement from Siti), I just keep moving his hand but he never cums. Any hint? is there a specific speed or a specific point where I should leave the pointer?

Thanks to Jackson for his help on this. There does seem to be a bug, if anyone else has this problem, once the guy's hand appears (after she says: "do it, make it squirt"), stop moving her head and go straight to moving his hand.
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby cham_g » Wed, 11Feb09 16:03

i don't think it was a good part.....!!
Bcz it only contain...Blow Job.....

which i hate the most...... 1 or 2 might be acceptable......But all scenes only contain Blow Jobs.....!!

Part II of the game was quite acceptable....

I like fucking ........So Plz pusooy.... next time increase the portion of FUCKING>>>>.... Image
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby TBO1710 » Wed, 11Feb09 16:55

Can anyone email me the password to Mommy Love Part Three or send me a private message with password?
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby riche » Wed, 11Feb09 17:45

Think part 2 was much better. Part 3 is just to easy, most of time just move through, only anal scene need some work. Story was better in part 2 too.
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Re: Mummy Love Part Three

Postby DrLabel » Wed, 11Feb09 23:08

pls can someone send me the password for part 3 ???
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