Disturbing Message - "Sorry, this forum is ..."

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Disturbing Message - "Sorry, this forum is ..."

Postby Squeeky » Fri, 11May13 01:41

You have selected a link and only get the following disturbing message:
"Sorry, this forum is private therefore you cannot read it"

This has occurred because this current Board was relocated and during the process internal links across the Board could not be updated.

I am aware that we have something like 560 references to Aceboard on this Board. Some of those are just in reference to that site whilst others reference avatars/smilies but more disturbing are the redirection links.

Rather than placing the full burden on Shark and the Moderation team we can all share. The suggested process is:
1. PM the issuer/author of the exact comment which contains that link asking for that person to please substitute the correct link from within this Board.
Adding new links might be advised in such a message.
2. If after about 2 weeks there has been no action please advise the Moderation Team (with an internal link if you have one).

When all of those problems are address then this advice will be removed.
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