Adding Internal Forum Links within your posts

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Adding Internal Forum Links within your posts

Postby Squeeky » Thu, 11May05 06:27

From time to time you may want to direct the reader of your post to some information contained in another part of the forum, and take that person to that exact location. This short note explains my method.

1. Find the post, the exact comment in fact, which is to be the destination where you want your reader to arrive. That comment bears a bold title. Below it is a very tiny "dog-eared page" icon and beside it is the author of the comment.

2. Click on the icon and your screen page will relocate to the top of the view area. Inside the location bar (where you normally see various sites) is an address which has this format:
That is the address of the topic designated by the icon which you just clicked.
Copy that and paste it within your own comment.

You might also like to hide the link behind some text. For example you want to write "Wendy did that over here" and need "here" to be the link.
Your text then should have this structure but with one exception:
"Wendy did that over [url =]here[/url]." You could even add a colour attribute to the word "here" if you wished by highlighting the word and selecting from the "font colour" array.
Now to explain that exception. Notice that I have left a space between 'url' and the following '='. It should not be there. Had I omitted it you would not have been able to see the structure, you would have simply seen my intent which is:
"Wendy did that over here."

LRM found this useful at the previous site and implored me to add it here, but in a more visible spot for those who may not have been aware of this little nicety.
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