Last Man 100% Walkthrough

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Last Man 100% Walkthrough

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Last Man 100% Walkthrough

Version 1.36

Here is one of the variants of walking through the game.
A determinative thing for a complete walkthrough is a total amount of experience and alpha points on a last day.

Day 1
Watch prehistory and wake up. Go to the kitchen to make a sandwich (New quest: «I need bread!»). Hero receives SMS, check it (+1 Alpha), answer your girlfriend. Get dressed, go to the street and then to work. Go to the boss, excuse and start dreaming about your boss (+1 Alpha), work (+1 EXP) and take a nap. Several hours later we receive the second SMS. Read news (+1 EXP). Flirt with Olga (+1 Alpha). Go to the market and buy there everything you can: bread, beer and meat. Go home and watch TV. Someone is in the doorway, Flirt with Nastya (+1 Alpha), give bread (+5 EXP),(Quest «I need bread!» is completed). Go to sleep.

EXP 7. Alpha 5

Day 2
Go to the bathroom to take a shower, that`s important. Flirt with Olga at the work (+1 Alpha), talk and agree to fix the printer (New quest: «Printer repair»). Work (+1 EXP), repair the printer, check the connection (+1 Repair), go to Olga (+5 EXP),(Quest «Printer repair» is completed). Talk to her to get the reward (+10 EXP). Time to go home, but flirt Olga beforehand. Fight with gangsters (+1 Unarmed???), take money(+5 EXP),(+1 Alpha). Go home, watch TV (+1 EXP), but DON`T drink beer [!]. To the bedroom. Pick up the phone and talk to your girlfriend (+1 EXP). Go to sleep.

EXP 30. Alpha 8

Day 3
Go to the bathroom to take a shower again, go to work and hit a strange looking guy (+1 Unarmed???),(+1 EXP),(+1 Alpha). Flirt (+1 Alpha), work (+1 EXP), read news (+1 EXP). Go to Natasha after work, flirt (+1 Alpha), talk, buy some food and invite her to the attractions, call taxi, talk, flirt, sit down and have sex with her (+10 EXP). Watch TV (New quest: «Cause of epidemic»),(+5 EXP).
-The end of the first chapter-

EXP 51. Alpha 11

Day 7
Total recall. Go to the bathroom to shave and recall your girlfriend, open the fridge, where should be some meat, call your girlfriend (New quest: «Contact Katya»). Go somewhere (New quest: «Get a car»). Enter the market and go to the phones, call (+1 EXP).

Search for food, take a magazine on the rack on your right (№1),(+1 EXP) and canned food (+1 EXP). Take cognac, hide (+1 Sneak), take a magazine on the rack on your right (+1 Steal),go to the car and try to steal it (+1 EXP),(+1 Break). Approach the church, go inside and look around (+1 EXP),(+1 First Aid). Go home, do something then open the door, offer her some beer (+1 Alpha). Go with Nicky. Go to sleep.

EXP 57. Alpha 12

Day 8
Wake up, pull the blanket of. Use the computer (New Quest: «Find a laptop»), try to hack it (+1 EXP),(+1 Break). Go to take a bath, look, flirt (+1 Alpha). Go for a walk (New quest: «Search for military base»). Flirt (+1 Alpha), look, take a magazine on the coffe table on your left (№2),(+1 ЕХР), open the map.
(From this moment there are many versions of walking through the game. Here is of them)
Go to the office look around and break the safe (+1 EXP),(+1 Break), search (New quest: «Former employee”). Go home. Go to sleep.

EXP 60. Alpha 14

Day 9
Pull off the blanket, look, touch and fuck her (+10 EXP). Choose a laptop in the shop (+5 EXP), (Quest «Find a laptop» is completed) and take a magazine near the red laptop (№3),(+1 EXP). Open the map. Go to the beach, take a right (+5 EXP),(New quest: «Find a boat»). Go home, unpack the laptop, send a letter to your girlfriend and create an account on the Dating site. Chose nickname «Last Man» (+1 EXP), send messages to each girl. Go to Nicky, chose a corset (+1 EXP), but as there are two tries you can chose something else at first. Enjoy the show (+5 EXP). It`s time to join (+1 Alpha). Open laptop and read messages. Enter videochat, talk (+1 Alpha). Go to sleep.

EXP 88. Alpha 16

Day 10
Go to the bathroom, where you`ll find Nicky. Flirt, look and suggest a blowjob (+5 EXP). Go on a date, play billiards, play more and take a magazine on the farthest billiard table (№4),(+1 EXP). Fuck Nicky (+10 EXP). Go to Sleep.

EXP 104. Alpha 16

Day 11
Stay for a fuck.
-The end of the second chapter-
Run away! Break into the flat (+1 Break). Open Laptop and talk to Lilu (+1 EXP). Download the map. Go to the beach and turn left (+1 EXP), go to the dock (+5 EXP),(Quest «Find a boat» is completed). Take a magazine in one of the boats (№5),(+1 EXP). Hack the cash and take the boat. Go home. Go to sleep.

EXP 112. Alpha 16

Day 12
Get up (New quest: «Home, sweet home»). Open a letter, think (+1 EXP). Break into Olga`s flat. Search the flat, where you can find:
1) Money under the mattress (+1 Steel)
2) A dildo under the pillows (+1 EXP)
3) Panties in the wardrobe (+1 EXP)
4) A deed in the computer (+5 EXP)
The magazine is marked by the star (№6),(+1 EXP). Visit the bank, hack cash register (+1 Break), go further. Now go to the beach. Join the girls (+1 Alpha), have sex with them (+10 EXP). Go home. Go to sleep.

EXP 131. Alpha 17

Day 13
Open laptop to talk to Lilu. Receive an information about Industrial zone. Visit it. Password?! I am a Man (+1 Alpha)! Enter, take a magazine near the bar (№7),(+1 EXP), look around (+1 EXP). Accept this job and star working right now. [There are 7 girls in the Industrial zone: 500R, 750R, 2x800R dark-haired and with pink hair, 1000R and 3 girls in HD. There are also 2 random scenes outside (+10 EXP) and inside (+5 EXP) the casino] Go to the hospital, inside to find a a magazine (№8),(+1 EXP) and meds (+1 EXP), (+1 First aid). Go to the beach to find a mysterious cave. Enter it, straight ahead, go to the boxes, search them (+1 EXP) and get the gun. Go straight ahead (+10 EXP), but there will be nothing interesting. Go home, order sofa. Go to sleep. Open laptop. Go to sleep again.

EXP 146. Alpha 18

Day 14
Open laptop to order EXPlosives online. Visit your previous flat, nothing interesting, but it is important for the further walkthrough. There is no sense to visit Nastya, cause you don`t have eniugh money yet. Now try to receive 2 random events [!] in the Industrial zone, [note: the girls you play with in the Industrial zone don`t have an influence on the walkthrough] or find a rope [!] EXPloring the city, it is important for the further walkthrough. Return to your new home. Open laptop to talk to Lilu, flirt (+1 Alpha). Go to sleep.

EXP 146. Alpha 19

Day 15
Go to the bank, blow up the bomb, take a magazine (№9),(+1 EXP) and gather money. Take a car (+5 EXP),(Quest «Get a car» is completed). Visit your old flat to find there Nastya. Offer to help her and give the money. Receive your reward (+10 EXP). Drive to Olga`s cottage (+5 EXP),(Quest «Former employee» is completed). Talk and enter the house, flirt with the girls? have sex with them (+10 EXP) and stay with them. Talk to Olga (+1 EXP). Go to sleep.

EXP 178. Alpha 19

Day 16
[There is no autosave in the morning, actually, if you reload the game, you`ll awake in your flat, so I would not recommend to do that] Olga says: «Good morning» (+10 EXP). Leave the cottage and visit Nastya. Give her a gun and get your reward (+10 EXP). You can go to the bank in order to collect some money for gifts for Dasha, visit Industrial zone or Explore the city. Go home. Open laptop and talk to Lilu (+1 Alpha). Go to sleep. Look out of the window and listen. Go to sleep again.

EXP 198. Alpha 20

Day 17
[This day it is recommended to get to know Dasha and go on the first date with her (we don`t count the meeting itself). There are 4 dates plus meeting [+10 ЕХР (meeting), +10 ЕХР (1st date), +5 ЕХР (2nd date), +1 Alpha and +10 ЕХР (3rd date), +10 ЕХР (4th date)]. You can go on a date with Dasha when you receive SMS from her. If you don`t visit marked location immediately, it will be gone. Sometimes SMS can come at the end of the day, when there is no energy left, «Burn» can help in this situation, which can be found during the EXPloration of the city, or you can eat canned food that you`ve found in the shop. Both will restore 2 energy-points.
The chance of receiving an invitation on a date depends on Dasha`s mood which is displayed as LP in a Contact list. The lower LP-level, the lower a chance of receiving the SMS. You can raise the LP level by buying gifts for her in the store. Gifts raise the LP to a specific value. But after meeting with you and satisfaction of her needs, the interest to you will decrease. Also, it will go down every day, if you do not remind about yourself.] So wake up and go to the beach. Enter the house, thre will be a magazine on your right (№10),(+1 EXP). Search the boxes to get some money. Come closer (+10 EXP), take her phone number. In the shop you should order presents for Dasha to get the first SMS. [You can raise LP from 0 to 100 for 20000R, 5LP 1kR]. Receive the first SMS (+10 EXP). Return home. Go to sleep.

EXP 219. Alpha 20

Day 18
Wait for the 2nd (+5 EXP) and the 3rd SMS (+1 Alpha),(+10 EXP). It could be not enough money to raise Dasha`s mood, that`s why visiting bank would be very useful. There would be 3 safe boxes. Each one requires different level of break points. If you`ve got enough break points you can hack the boxes and get extra money. Unfortunately, the max level of break in the game is 6 now. If you`ve got free time, visit Industrial zone or Explore the city. Go home and buy the last piece of furniture (+5 EXP),(Quest «Home, sweet home» is completed). Open laptop to read news.
-The end of the third chapter-
Turn on TV to watch News (+1 EXP),(New quest: «Find the exit»). Go to sleep.
[To receive the full walkthrough you should get all random events in the Industrial zone. In the current version of the game you can find them in the later chapters. But traditionally I add EXPerience points to the total score at the end of this day] The first scene (+10 EXP), there will be a magazine near the microwave (№11),(+1 EXP); the second scene (+5 EXP).

EXP 256. Alpha 21

Day 19
Open laptop to read news (+1 EXP), check both exits from the city. There will be a magazine in the tunnel of the upper exit (№12),(+1 EXP). Receive the 4th SMS (+10 EXP). Visit Industrial zone to kill the time. Go home, read news. Go to sleep.

EXP 268. Alpha 21

Day 20-21
Check the city exit (+1 EXP). Goto the beach, sneak to the girls, say hello (+10 EXP). Explore the city or visit Industrial zone. Return home, where there is a trap (+5 EXP), (Quest «Search for military base» is completed), run away. The next morning send SMS to Dasha by pressing «Beach» button, meet with Dasha (+5 EXP). Go to the Shop, talk to the boss of New Post (+5 EXP), accept the job [!].Visit Nika`s house, enter the flat (+5 EXP), Explore it, find the radio [!] under the sofa and a magazine near TV (№13),(+1 EXP). Notice strange numbers in the bathroom [!]. In the bedroom find a toolbox and a hidden camera, which has been already taken. Then click on a bedside-table to get to the safe. Open it. If there are any problems, you can find the answer at the end of the walkthrough (*1). Open the safe (+5 EXP),(New quest: «Stolen camera»). Turn, watch the dream, check your dick (+1 EXP), look around. Go to the beach and enter the cave, go straight ahead and listen: «…phi rho omicron jeta epsilon chi theta sampi sigma tau alpha rho theta epsilon delta… ». Visit Industrial zone, break the wall behind the bar, peep at the girl (+1 Alpha), we are agreed to help (+5 EXP). Time to leave the city. In the forest find an oilcloth [!] in the pile of garbage [click on the stars]. Light a fire, make a shelter with the help of the rope and the oilcloth (+5 EXP). Go to sleep.

EXP 326. Alpha 22

Day 22
Find a stick, fight back and run (+1×14 EXP maximum).
-The end of the fourth chapter-
Enter, sleep, get to know Masha, stare, leave her and go to the city. Take a magazine in the garbage near the car (№14),(+1 EXP). Explore old building, get to know Oksana, stare, flirt (+10 EXP). Follow to the New Post’s warehouse, take a magazine in the abandoned room on the table (№15),(+1 EXP). Go to the Police office. Take a magazine in the main room from a stack of papers (№16),(+1 EXP). Go down to the basement to turn off the switch. Visit warehouse, go further and check the lockers (+1×3 EXP). Explore the city. [Now you can choose a girl to stay for a night with.] Let`s begin with Masha. Find a «secret» on the table [click on it] (+1 EXP). Go to sleep.

EXP 357. Alpha 22

Day 23
Enter the bathroom, look (+1 EXP), talk. Go to the warehouse to take some food. You can find an interesting scene on the way (+5 EXP), it`s random, but not rare, if you don’t find it from the first time, eat the food that you have found and repeat an attempt. Return to Masha. Leave food for her (+5 LP Masha). Go to sleep.

EXP 363. Alpha 22

Day 24
Find Masha, open the door and notice a magazine on the bed beside Masha (№17),(+1 EXP). Enter, look, flirt, «Not enough», choose ass (+1 EXP). Meet Masha and talk to her, promise to help. Visit boiler house then warehouse. Take food and look for the tools, say hello. During the conversation notice a magazine on the background (№18),(+1 EXP). Find a hovel (+1 EXP). Return to Masha (+5 LP Masha), choose serious talk (+1 EXP) then flirt (+10 EXP). Leave food for her (+5 LP Masha). Go to sleep.

EXP 378. Alpha 22

Day 25
Go to the bathroom (+1 EXP). Steal key-card. Take some food at the warehouse. Kill time. Go to Alina. Talk and touch (+1 Alpha). Go to sleep.

EXP 379. Alpha 23

Day 26
Pretend you are sleeping (+5 EXP). Drive with Alina, search the ship, there will be a magazine on the rack (№19),(+1 EXP), grab the radio (+5 EXP). Visit scientific center, enter code, which is connected with the radio signal (+5 EXP), if there are any problems, find the answer at the end of the walkthrough (*2). Look in (+5 EXP). Visit scientific center again, follow Alina (+5 EXP). Visit scientific center for a third time. Go straight ahead. The third screen from the left activates turns off alarm system. The third screen from the right gives an access to scientific projects. Program «Alice» (+1 EXP). Turn right and search for some information in the computer (+1 EXP). Go to Masha. Leave food for her (+5 LP Masha). Go to sleep.

EXP 407. Alpha 23

Day 27
Go for a walk with Masha, calm her down, choose her, tell her the truth (+5 EXP), allow her to take a photo just for herself (+1 EXP). Find some food. Kill time and go to Alina`s house. Leave food for her. Go to sleep (+5 LP Alina).

EXP 413. Alpha 23

Day 28
Go to the bathroom, flirt (+1 Alpha). Head for Sawmill, chop wood (+5 EXP). Chopping the wood takes a unit of energy, and if you leave them on the railway station, you can get 1k rubles per 1 unit of wood.] Leave it at the train station. Take some food at the warehouse, if you need it. Return to Alina. Accept her offer (+10 EXP). Leave food for her. Go to sleep.

EXP 428. Alpha 23

Day 29
Go to warehouse to meet Alina, tell the truth (+1 LP Alina), (+5 EXP). Kill the time. Then you`ll meet a beautiful Asian girl (+1 EXP). Return to Masha. Leave food for her (+5 LP Masha). Go to sleep.

EXP 434. Alpha 24

Day 30
Get up, go to the bathroom, EXPlain (+5 EXP). Go to the city exit and meet Nastya (+10 EXP). Enter the New Post office, talk (+5 EXP),(New quest: «Strangers»). Go home and open laptop, talk to Lilu (+1 EXP). Go to sleep.

EXP 455. Alpha 24

Day 31
Head for Nika`s house, to the neighbors, magazine lies on the table (№20),(+1 EXP), talk (+5 EXP), follow her (+5 EXP). There is no need to enter the cave. Send Lisa SMS. Drive to another city [City B],[it`ll cost 3000R] and meet Lisa, talk to her (+5 EXP). Visit scientific center, you`ll need something to open a hatch, which leads to the roof. Go to Sawmill and take there a crowbar. On your way you’ll find a random event on the Sawmill (+5 EXP). You can stay with Oksana. Go to her, find a magazine on a shelf while talking to her (№21),(+1 EXP). Go to sleep.

EXP 477. Alpha 24

Day 32
Return to the scientific center and climb to the roof (+1 Break). Turn on a switch, go to the radio (+5 EXP). Speak to a stranger (+5 EXP). Return to City A. Go home. Go to sleep. Watch a strange dream (+5 EXP).

EXP 492. Alpha 24

Day 33
Go to New Post to report to Natasha (+5 EXP). Ira sends SMS, visit her (+10 EXP). Earn some money, soon it’ll come in handy. Go home, talk to Lilu (+ 1 EXP). Go to sleep.

EXP 508. Alpha 24

Day 34
Go to the New Post office, dream. Go to the cells. There will be a magazine in the cell (№22),(+1 EXP). Fuck the girl (+5 LP Vera),(+10 EXP). You can stop and speak with your new friend near the City exit. Wait for Vera’s SMS, visit her (+5 EXP). Just then you’ll receive Natasha’s SMS. Don’t call Vera yet. Go to Oksana, leave canned food for her. Go to sleep (+5 LP Oksana).

EXP 524. Alpha 24

Day 35
Wake up, find Oksana and talk. «You are beautiful» and «Your eyes», agree (+5 EXP). Call Vera, return to City A, go to the cave, have sex (+5 LP Vera),(+10 EXP). Turn to the right and inspect everything, then turn to the left, inspect, notice green liquid (+1 EXP), use subway (+10 EXP). Explore a strange place (+5 EXP). Talk with Lilu at home (+5 EXP). Go to sleep.

EXP 560. Alpha 24

Day 36
Drive to City B. Visit Vera, enjoy her company (+5 LP Vera)?(+10 EXP). Receive SMS from Natasha, ignore it. Visit scientific center and find a house on the way, investigate it, find information about New Post in the computer (+5 EXP). Visit New Post office in this city, inspect it, investigate a hole in the floor then find a rope in the table and get down to inspect the basement (+5 EXP). Go to Oksana, leave canned food for her (+5 LP Oksana). Go to sleep. There will be a surprise for you (+10 EXP). Sleep.

EXP 590. Alpha 24

Day 37
A free day. Explore the City. Return to Oksana. Leave canned food for her. Go to sleep (+5 LP Oksana).

EXP 590. Alpha 24

Day 38
Look for Oksana, take a magazine under TV before talking to her (№23),(+1 ЕХР). Take her pants off (+1 Alpha), have sex (+10 EXP).Go to the Warehouse to see Natasha, talk (+1 EXP), ask for more (+1 EXP), ask for more again (+1 EXP). Visit Scientific center, connect the flash drive (+5 EXP). In appreciation you’ll receive your own Base, visit it (+1 EXP)! Go to Alina, leave food for her (+5 LP Alina), find her and tell about your find. You definitely want something (+5 EXP)! Go to sleep.

EXP 615. Alpha 25

Day 39
Visit sawmill to find a strange house again. There will be a couple of girls, have fun (+10 EXP). Receive Alina’s SMS, visit her (+5 LP Alina),(+5 EXP). Receive another Alina’s SMS. [Go to Warehouse then eat some food and go again to the Warehouse to wait until SMS comes]. Receive the next SMS and visit Alina… (+10 EXP). Go to Alina’s house, find the door (+1 EXP). Receive SMS from Natasha and run to see the cosmonaut (+5 EXP), (+5 EXP)! You’ll receive one more SMS from Lisa, but it’s time to sleep. Go to Oksana, leave canned food (+5 LP Oksana), look for Oksana (+10 EXP). Go to sleep.

EXP 661. Alpha 25

Day 40
One more SMS from Oksana. Explore the City to find the library and search for the manuals to help Oksana. Visit Lisa, invite her to your A-team, flirt, undress (+10 EXP). Another SMS from Vera, ignore it. Take some food at the Warehouse. Go to Oksana (+1 Repair), then (+10 EXP). Leave food for her (+5 LP Oksana). Go to sleep.

EXP 681. Alpha 25

Day 41
The day begins from new SMS from Oksana. Visit her, look, talk. You need some presents. Drive to City A, go to the Shop to buy some presents, for example, the jewellery [do not pay attention on the inscription: «I could order a gift for Dasha»]. Return to Oksana (+10 EXP), stay for a dinner, flirt (+10 EXP). Eat or drink something. Go to Vera, flirt (+1 EXP), fuck her (+10 EXP).
-The end of the seventh chapter-
Watch a flashback (+5 EXP).

EXP 717. Alpha 25

Day 42
Receive SMSfrom Vera. Visit a local Club. Accept the offer (+5 ЕХР),(New quest: «Open Club»). Visit the Club again, then go to the Warehouse for a pump, return to the Club. Visit Vera, repair a machine (+1 Repair). Play bowling (+5 EXP).

EXP 727. Alpha 25

Day 43
[There is no autosave in the morning]. Try to wake Vera (+1 EXP). SMS comes immediately. Firstly go to the Club to turn on the power (+5 EXP), it remains to find the money. Go to the warehouse for the canned food. Visit the Dump, Explore everything, find a book [you can read it to upgrade your skills], a crowbar; investigate a car (+1 Repair), repair another car [you’ll need skill Repair 16 or higher],[in the case of the successful repair (+5 EXP)],[if you lack for skills, Explore the City to train your skills]. Use your crowbar to open the door in Alina’s house [you’ll need skill Break 10 or higher]. Look around, find a book, find Alina’s computer, hack the password. If there are any problems, you can find the answer at the end of the walkthrough (*3). Read Alina’s dairy (+5 EXP). Then head to Vera [for a successful date 2 cans of food and a Burn are required]. Touch her (+1 Alpha), and fuck (+5 EXP).

EXP 743. Alpha 26

Day 44
[There is no autosave in the morning]. Touch Vera’s ass… (+10 EXP). Head to the sawmill to our old friends, first talk to Masha (+5 LP Masha), then to Oksana (+5 EXP),(+5 LP Oksana). Restock canned food. Keep in mind tomorrow’s meeting with Masha and Oksana, but don’t forget about the Club, you need to gather 100 thousands of rubles, so drive to City A to work! On the way pick up a girl (+1 EXP) [to meet with her and her sister 50 thousands of rubles and 2 cans of food are required],[all in all you need to find 150 thousands of rubles and some canned food]. In the City A visit New Post’s office (+5 EXP), flirt (+1 EXP). Then spend all spare time by playing in the casino or breaking the cells in the Bank to earn the required amount of money. Go home in the evening, talk to Lilu (+5 EXP). Go to sleep. Enjoy a flashback. (+5 EXP).

EXP 775. Alpha 26

Day 45
Drive to City B. First visit Masha, play with her, oral sex (+5 EXP), continue to play [each round takes energy], fuck this slut (+10 EXP),( +5 LP Masha). Restore your energy with food and head to Oksana (+10 EXP),(+5 LP Oksana). Return to the City A. Ho home, talk to Lilu (+5 EXP). Go to sleep. Enjoy a flashback, take a photo (+1 EXP), keep watching (+5 EXP).

EXP 811. Alpha 26

Day 46
[Don’t go to the New Post office, cause the game will be ended!] Continue earning money. Visit the sisters after earning enough money (+10 EXP). Since now they’ll work for you. Continue earning money for the Club as well as to improving your skills to repair the car. Go home in the evening. Go to sleep. Wath another flashback (+5 EXP).

EXP 826. Alpha 26

Day 47
Earn 100 thousands of rubles and how to fix the car [if not you can continue in the City B]. Drive to City B. Go to the Dump to repair the car (+5 EXP). Head to the Club, enjoy the lesbian party (+1 EXP). Use the hostess (+10 EXP). Give her money and take a hostess one more time (+10 EXP). Receive Lina’s SMS to bring some alcohol, find it in the Warehouse, receive 5000 for it. Sleep in the Hovel. Enjoy another flashback, massage your girlfriend and then fuck her (+10 EXP).

EXP 862. Alpha 26

Day 48
Kill time. Go to sleep anywhere you want. watch the flashback (+10 EXP.

EXP 872. Alpha 26

Day 49
Visit New Post’s office, talk with Yulia and then drive somewhere with her (+5 EXP).

EXP 877. Alpha 26

* 1 The numbers on the mirror are coordinates. Go to Google Maps, enter two numbers separated by commas in the search string (-18.529247, -70.249921), choose the image from the satellite, enlarged image to the maximum. You`ll see a big Coca-Cola sign and numbers 125. This is our code.

* 2 Read the first letters of the words «…Phi Rho Omicron Jeta Epsilon Chi Theta sampi Sigma Tau Alpha Rho Theta Epsilon Delta… » «Project «Sampi» Started». Sampi the letter of the Greek alphabet. Its numerical value is 900. This is the code for the door.

* 3 – You need to investigate all the items in the room and pay attention to the poster. On the poster of the First World War is written: FIGHT OR BUY BONDS THIRD LIBERTY LOAN
And there is a tip «f = 6». It is not difficult to guess that you need to pay attention to the word «fight» and transform each figure into a letter. The figures correspond to the ordinal numbers of letters in the English alphabet. Thus f = 6, i = 9, g = 7, h = 8, t = 20, fight = 697820. This is the code from the computer.
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Re: Last Man 100% Walkthrough

Postby LJames713 » Thu, 16Jul21 07:34

Wow. Last man.

Is that game still going to continue to be updated, indefinitely?

It's an intriguing concept for this genre of gaming, to say the least...
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Re: Last Man 100% Walkthrough

Postby thinman873 » Sun, 17Sep17 06:18

Hey thanks for this...
Are you planning to update this walkthrough for the latest version of the game?
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