Play With Us Episode 1

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Play With Us Episode 1

Postby HeyChief » Mon, 16Apr18 07:34

this is an hint with codes for the "dots"
1st Dot Hostel Ending
2nd Dot Friendly Ending
3rd Dot Sexy ending
4th Dot Sleep ending

1st Dot Play with tits
2nd Dot Remove panties
3rd Dot Play with clit
4th Dot Emma told you to stop playing with her skirt
5th Dot Emma told you to stop playing with her tits
6th Dot Play a little more with her skirt.
7th Dot Try to play with her tits multiple times while gettign the bad ending.

1st Dot Emma jerked you off
2nd Dot you jerked off in front of Emma
3rd Dot you jerked off and came in Emma's mouth
4th Dot you jerked off and came on Emma's face
5th Dot You made Emma give you blowjob
6th Dot You came in Emma's mouth while making her blow you
7th Dot Wait for Emma to lick your cock

Night Scene:
1st Dot Came without waking emma
2nd Dot Came in Emma's pussy
3rd Dot Came on Emma's pussy
4th Dot Came on Emma's face
5th Dot Came on Emma's ass
6th Dot you fucked Emma's pussy
7th Dot you fucked Emma's mouth
these should give you an idea of the actions needed to get the "Night scene"
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Re: Play With Us Episode 1

Postby lucky loser » Mon, 17Sep04 20:50

Wait, you can have sex with Emma in episode 1? Not just oral?

Edit: found it!

After you

do room 103, make her cum in the school room, and cum in her mouth at home (after saying you were turned on by spying on your sister), you can hide in her house until night time.
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