VDG Maddison Final Cut

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VDG Maddison Final Cut

Postby Grizzlyman » Tue, 14Jun24 13:15

The Maddison VDG game is currently the largest available of this genre. It includes both fortunately and unfortunately a few bugs that both help and hinder the games progress.

It starts with the intro at Maddison’s house and then offers the option of going to 3 different places in each of 3 different areas. These in turn may lead to a threesome scenario at one of 3 locations, and finally sex with Maddison at your apartment.

The threesomes are:-
Rachel:- Bowling alley required;
Crystal:- Swimming costume required;
Kelly:- Robe and restaurant required.

The Rachel endings are easiest to achieve, followed by the male Crystal ending. Unfortunately, the Kelly endings can only be achieved (at least by me) if the game gives you bonus lust at the start of the game. The female Crystal ending is almost impossible to achieve due to a simple programming error.

This walkthrough assumes you select the easy option at the start which immediately gives you both +5 lust and +5 happiness (inf).

If male it is always better to select gym instructor as you can flex your muscles in the intro. If female, photographer can be a better option giving you +3 inf from the start.

Hi, Maddison
Actually, I could really use a shower (Male)
Thanks, I really appreciate this (+1 inf)
Flex your muscles (+5 lust gym instructor) (only +2 lust other male?)
Finish flexing
Good Idea
Spy on Maddison in the shower
Dry yourself and redress
I love the way it sticks to your hips (+2 inf)
Mmm, I wish I could lick those legs (+1 lust)
I love how much flesh you’re willing to show (+1 lust)
I say wow

That should now equal 12 (lust) and 8 (inf), but it appears to be actually 12 (lust) and 10 (inf). My inadequate programming skills have been unable to spot where this addition has come from, so if anyone does know please enlighten me!

If Female, get shown round the apartment instead:-
I like it. It’s cute (+1 inf)
You have good taste (+1 inf)
This whole place looks pretty nice and cozy (+1 inf)

This is a date, right? (+1 inf)

Now onto the various locations. This walkthrough will aim at the threesome with Crystal at the swimming pool. For this we need to go to the Mall to buy the swimming costume.

Let’s see if there’s any good clothes
I’d love to see you wearing a swimsuit
Pick red swimsuit
I’d love to see you in it (+1 lust, +1 inf)
Yeah I’m getting a ‘feeling’ from it too (+4 lust, +2 inf)
I’ll let you decide (+1 inf)
Good idea. I always need new clothes (+1 inf)
Pick swimwear
Of course
Change in to swimwear (+5 lust, +3 inf)
Sure, I like it (+2 inf)
Finish at the store

Let’s go see a movie
How about the romance?
Yeah, I come here all the time (+2 inf)
Watch the film
Turn to Maddison
Put your arm around her (+3 inf)
Continue watching the film
Turn to Maddison
Kiss her (+3 lust)
Continue watching the film
Turn to Maddison
Feel her breast (+4 lust)
Finish watching the film
I thought too much of it was contrived (+2 inf)
Leave the cinema
Let’s go downtown

Do you mind if we go to the strip club?
You tell me. I think you’re cooler than I am (+1 inf)
Let’s go for a private dance
I think I want the brunette
Sit and watch the dance (+2+2+2+2+5 lust)
Tip $200 (+3 inf)
Follow her to the bar
Actually, I used to be a stripper (+3 lust)
Let’s go bowling

Why don’t you shut up and bowl against us? (+2 inf)
Not at all. I’m looking forward to taking this dick down (+2 inf)
Be confident. Focus on the ball and believe you can do it.
Wait to see the score (+3 inf)
Ha! Your shirt says ‘tough’. I like ironic t-shirts.
Let him bowl
Just imagine your celebration pose in your head when you bowl
Wait to see the score (+3 inf)
I wish that stupid hair of yours would go down
Let him bowl
Kiss her (+1 lust, +1 inf)
Wait to see the score (+3 inf)
I bet your date could bowl better than you!
Let her bowl
Count the scores
Speak to Rachel (+5 inf)
Sounds like fun
I can always use a drink
Follow her to the bar

*At this point you should have 46 lust and 50 inf. This is where the game has a couple of bugs that can actually help us. To be successful with Crystal at the pool we need both extra lust and inf at this point and none of the topics of conversation will give us enough of both. What you can do however after you leave the bowling alley is go back there and play the game all over again for an extra +1 lust and +19 inf. You just then need any lust in the conversation at the bar to be successful.

Note that you have to go in the order strip club, bowling alley, bar to go to all three locations. If you start at the bowling alley or bar you will only be allowed to go to two of the locations.

You can start downtown and then go to the mall. However, if you do this and don’t repeat the bowling, then many of the conversations will be cut short and you won’t get the necessary stats.

Bar conversations
These cover 6 topics. I’ll give you the starting line and let you work out the best combos to take after that.

Families – So, tell me about your siblings
Vacations – Ok. What’s the most interesting vacation story you have?
Fashion – Do you have any interesting fashion stories?
Films – Have you ever seen a ‘naughty’ film?
Music – OK. What do you like doing when you’re listening to music?
Sex – What’s your favourite position? (If male photographer selected choose Have you ever been intimate with a woman?)

If you go to the Mall after Downtown, go to the fashion store first and try on the blue lingerie, and then go to the cinema for a chance of Maddison giving you a blow-job or eating your pussy as appropriate.

Ok onto the threesomes starting at the pool. The following is for a male character:-

See you soon
Change into swimwear
Join Maddison at the pool (+2 Lust)
I’m glad you like them
Jump into the pool
Let’s play tag, I’ll chase you
Chase her
Grab her ass
Maybe we should ask the lifeguard for some lessons?
Watch her swim
Speak to the lifeguard
Nice to meet you, Crystal
Very Interested
Don’t worry. I’ll look after you (+1 inf)
Wait x3
Pull her up (+3 inf)
What’s next?
Approach the objects
Pick mug (+2 inf)
Pick water gun (+2 inf)
Pick cap (all the other 3 objects fail)
Jump into the pool
Watch her dive
Let’s trap her in a corner
Swim after Crystal
Thank you
Get in the hot tub
So, Crystal, tell us about yourself
What do you do for fun?
Finish relaxing
Go to the men’s locker room
Step into the corridor
Enter the women’s locker
Are you two fighting over me?
Walk up to Maddison
Kiss her
Kiss Crystal
Have sex with Crystal and Maddison (+6 Lust), any option unless…
I want you to lick it all over baby (+1 Lust)
Well said, you were both awesome by the way (+1 inf)

After the sex scene Maddison is tired and goes home.

The female pool scene is almost impossible to achieve due to (I believe) a programming error. Whereas a male character only requires 50 lust to have sex, a female character needs 70! If you are able therefore, I suggest you edit Poolchecks 2 and 13 and amend the figure required to a requirement of >45. Here though is the female walkthrough:-

Follow her inside
Watch her undress
Kiss her (+1 lust)
You’re making me horny just taking about it (+1 Lust)
Change into swimwear and go to the pool

After the swim:-
Go to the locker room
Undress and shower
Approach Maddison
Kiss her
Have sex (+6 Lust)
My pussy is so wet for both of you right now (+1 Lust)
Well said, you were both awesome by the way (+1 inf)

As long as you have gone bowling, the Rachel threesome ending is always an option as it does not require any special item of clothing.

Let’s visit a nightclub
Follow her to the bar
In a moment, I’ll just see what my date wants (+1 inf)
Of course
Alright. Go ahead
Answer the first two questions (Vegas – true/Others – false) (+4 inf)
Kiss her (+2 Lust, +3 inf)
How about my date?
Watch her dance
Follow her
Kiss her
Kiss her neck (+4 Lust)
Rub your groin against hers (+5 Lust)
Finish kissing and follow her
Hi Rachel
I’ll let you decide
Follow Rachel to the bathroom
Let them kiss (Lust +3)
If Lust >60 have sex!
Kiss Maddison (+1 Lust, +1 inf)
Let Rachel and Maddison kiss (+1 Lust)
Watch (+5 Lust)
Ooh I like the sound of that
Fuck Maddison (+5 Lust)
Fuck Rachel
Watch them having sex (+5 Lust)
Let Maddison suck your cock (+5 Lust)
Finish sex and say nightnight to Rachel

Take Maddison back to your apartment (see below)

The Kelly threesome ending is the most difficult to achieve because you can’t go downtown. Plus buying the robe gives the least amount of lust at the store compared to the swimsuit or lingerie. I think I’ve only ever achieved this ending when you are given the ‘bonus’ start of lust +16 and inf +30, so watch out for when this happens and take the chance to go for the Kelly ending. Here’s the uptown path:-

Let’s check out this magic show
Follow her into the hotel
Watch the show
I love it! (+1 inf)
Of course. It’ll be fun.
Watch the hypnotism
Let’s make her fake an orgasm
Watch the show (+6 lust)
Go back to your seat
No. I think I’ll try it
Step into the box
Perform trick
Return to your seat (+3 inf, +10 lust)
Let’s eat
Ask the waitress for a table
Ooh! What kind of art class (If not going the Kelly route pick Wow! You’re cute +5 inf)
Look at the menu
Select salad
Select pizza
Select jello
Order (+10 inf)
Wait for the waitress
Hey, where is that art class of yours going to be?
Yeah. It sounds like fun
I like to keep a few surprises (+1 inf)
Pay the bill and leave

Now go to the Mall and buy the lingerie red robe.

I bet there’s a few naughty uses for it too (+2 lust)

Then go to the cinema and watch the romance. You should be able to enjoy the blowjob.

I wish there was something cultured we could do
Of course! Let’s go there.
Go to the art class
What’s the problem?
I’ll do it
Go to the changing room
Enter and undress
Remove your robe and sit
Finish posing (+5 lust)
Look at Kelly’s painting
What about doing it now?
Watch Maddison undress
Don’t be so hard on yourself
Sit next to Maddison
Watch Kelly paint
What’s wrong now?
Maybe you should get naked too?
To truly understand the art you have to be the art
Watch her undress
Kiss Maddison
Kiss her breast
You know, a true artist would be part of their art to understand it fully
Have sex (+5 lust, +1 inf)
Well, Maddison deserves all the credit really. She started it (+2 inf)

Take her back to your apartment

Catch a train
It’s a while til the station. Wanna make out?
Sit next to her
Kiss her
Keep kissing (+1 Lust)
Kiss her breasts
Keep going down (+1 Lust)
Open her legs
Eat her pussy (+3 Lust)

I shall not go through all the permutations of what can happen regarding sex with Maddison at your apartment, as most paths are fairly obvious.

I’ll just say a little bit about the system as a whole regarding the sex ‘games’. They obviously require you to get a 5/5 rating to be successful (apart from the lingerie session which appears to need 6/6!). Each individual action adds to one side of the equation but deducts from the other, so your score will change, even though the number of symbols showing may stay the same.

Here are what I believe are the minimum number of actions required to get the required score:-

Massage on bed – 6
Shower – 6
Lingerie session – 12
Sofa session – 10
Sex - 10

That is just about it. There are still some other sections which I’ve not gone through that I’ll leave you to enjoy.

Please feel free to make any constructive criticism or to point out anywhere that I’ve made an error.

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Re: VDG Maddison Final Cut

Postby skidrow » Tue, 15Sep08 21:55

I never manage to get the blowjob in the Movie.
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