Living With Britney

Here you can post hints or a complete walkthrough for any games. Please no requests for help or questions in this section.

Living With Britney

Postby eboogie » Wed, 13Dec11 09:18

Is there anywhere I can see some tips/walkthroughs for Living With Britney? Best choices to pick early on to make money, get in shape, also increase relationship/passion quickly? I have trouble balancing all the tasks/chores/etc that I need to do to keep up on everything and only get 2 endings (cheating with maid because I get fed up and just do it) and Britney leaves me at the end.

Sorry if there is a thread already for this game to post tips, or its in the wrong section, I tried searching and didnt come up with anything.

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Re: Living With Britney

Postby Trucla » Fri, 13Dec13 00:18

Here you can post hints or a complete walkthrough for any games. Please no requests for help or questions in this section.
This is written under the title of this section. No more comments.
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Re: Living With Britney

Postby d_addams » Wed, 15Jun10 23:33

Was surprised I couldn't find any walk-through guides for Britney 3.02. Not sure if this is because people just use hacks now and don't play the games out. I'll share what I've learned so far.
Anywhere I talk about Relationship and Passion requirements I'll list it as X/X where the first # is relationship, the second is passion.

How to pass out of Level
1: Make Brit pancakes. Must be done at 18:00 and requires 30 cooking. So read 5 cooking books the first day.
2: Get the apartment sufficiently clean. Seems to be an average cleanliness, if all are ~25% (on average) you seem to pass.
3: Repair the patio door (opens balcony), requires $220.
4: Get fitness to 70.
5: Have her perform an erotic show (living room). This requires you gifted her the red lingerie ($100). Your relationship and passion need to be over 100 to get her to do the show.
6: Invite her out to the restaurant. It seems that you need to buy all of the most expensive items at each option follow her into the bathroom and select 'its not crowded'. Im not sure of the specific requirements but I tried several times at maximum R/P doing less and it hasn't worked out.
7: Have Diana get with Brit, (call Diana is an option in the kitchen phone after she sees you in the restaurant bathroom, she tells you to buy blindfold first) After you buy blindfold when you go to bed the sequence starts.
8+: Unknown

Once relationship hits 50, you can sleep in the bedroom and kiss her passionately each day. This provides 2/1 and 1/1/ respectively and have no time costs, so always do these if possible.
Being a personal trainer seems to be the best job since it only requires 20 pts beyond the level requirement fitness requirement. Leveling knowledge to get the best paying job seems too expensive.
Playing cards in the bedroom provides 5/0 and is the best way early to boost relationship until 50R, then cuddling becomes better (5/5)
BJ, Licking her, and the washer all provide 10/20 and are efficient in the middle stages.
The pool bar date gives 38/10 and is the best middle stage builder.
Day 1:
5x read cooking, buy flowers, visit friends in a bar, extensively clean living room floor, then make her pancakes. puts you at lvl 2 on the first day.
Day 2-4:
rotate through extensive cleaning, washing, eating, to work towards level 3. If you have 1-2 hours to burn (extensive cleaning takes 3), read cooking books. you should hit level 3 on day 4. gift the flowers at this point. You shouldn't need to clean anymore if you are working enough and will use a maid.
Day 5+:
There is some randomness to getting a cooking point when you cook for yourself or Brit, so sometimes you may need to take more time to get to 50 cooking. start working as much as possible to buy the patio doors. once you get 50 cooking spend extra time doing 1hr workouts (+1) or jogging (+3) once you have the doors, you'll start buying strength lessons and get to 90 asap.
once you reach 90 strength:

your options are now open to do any of the endings.

going to drink bar only costs 1 hour. early on you get a little relationship and some passion when she gives you a BJ. At higher R/P levels it will continue to full sex. This adds more R/P for only a 1 hour activity. If its before the full sex add on, the Pool Bar gives 38/10 and is better for building points.
if you run out of cleanliness early on and cant get to the bathroom in the morning you are still allowed to cook for yourself. do that then the bathroom will be accessible again.
try to work (6 hours) when you have almost no clean or food left, its more efficient.
watch your clean and food levels at the end of the day, ideally you wont have to wash after 1900 since your only option is brushing your teeth which isn't efficient. having them both very low at the end of the day is ideal since you'll lose whats left while sleeping then can eat and wash first thing in the morning.
to work twice in a day, try to start the day with over half food. clean isn't as important since you can brush your teeth between shifts and still work two shifts a day.

after the first week you shouldn't have any issues with concentration, if you do need concentration after day 1, talking to friends at the bar is the most efficient builder (1 hour).
with R and P 700+ you still get ending 4 if you don't give her the ring.

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Re: Living With Britney

Postby LucaNatoli » Fri, 15Jul03 14:59

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