Something's In The Air

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Something's In The Air

Postby Fraekke » Sun, 13May12 22:53

Full walkthrough available courtesey of exLibris (I think, sorry if I misunderstood something):

Reference endings lists, please CHECK YOURSELF WHAT YOU'RE MISSING and ask specific questions here if you can't work it out from the walkthrough:
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Ice Cream
Ariane and Rebecca
Phone sex
Blackout Fun
Celebrity Sightings
House Party with Ariane
Getting Drunk at Ariane's Place
Fuck buddies
In Through The Out Door
Makeup Sex
Safety Pullout

Stacy (coffee shop hot blonde)

Rachel - Meetings
Rather be reading
Dinner with a Geek
Dinner with a Super Model
Coffee Conversations

Rachel - Amusement Park
The Amusement Park
The loco Cola Girl
The Ten of Clubs
A Man About Town
Gamer Girl
House Party with Rachel

Rachel - Nightclub
The bus from Rachel's House
The Photoshoot
The Nude Photoshoot
Concert and After Party

Rachel - Comic convention
The Costume Contest
Arch Angel
LARPing with Arch Angel
Skinny Dipping at Night
Interrogation Techniques

Wendy (?)
Hard Workout
Beach Run
Topless Volleyball

Pool shark at the live Cabaret
Bad Sex With Bonnie (actually branches to 9/10 different endings, but all variations on a theme)

Veronica (?)
A New Paint Job

Game Over
Do You Know any Gymnasts?

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