The Gym - Walkthrough by sportd

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The Gym - Walkthrough by sportd

Postby sportd » Fri, 13Mar08 22:06

I've posted the answers to choose to get to the end. I haven't added the conversations that the girls say, just the responses. This is not the only way to get through the game. There are many variations that take you through different conversations but this will get you through all the milestones without missing any of the "good bits".


>Click Start
--Enter the gym--

*** Receptionist Intro **** (Can be skipped)
I'm thinking of joining...
Sure No trouble
Watch her walk away
We were talking about a guided tour
Read over papers
I hardly know you ... and there are people watching.
Sign on the dotted line
Follow the receptionist
I'll come here every day if you keep wearing that skirt
It's the truth, you look amazing in that outfit.
Lead on pretty lady
It's got everything I'll need to start with
Ok, What's next
--Go in and check out the changing rooms--
You got it! --Exit the changing rooms--
--Head over to the couches--
--Sign more paperwork--
I'm really looking forward to seeing more of you too
Are you serious, where?
Hell yes, wait for me
My speciality
--Check the mirror--
--Finish up--
--Back to the map--

Note: Get all 3 stories started at the same time to get all the pieces
*** Vic and Cassie ***
>Click on the receptionist table
>Click on the girls on the Couch
Hello Ladies
Do you ladies work out or just sit and chat?
Sounds like a great workout plan. Got any tips for me?
That's good what time do you usually get here?
Accept the invitation
I certainly can.
Sure, I'll come round after I train.
--Leave the Gym--

>Click on Cassie and Vic's house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
Show me the way.
OK lets see what's going on here.
Yes, can you hand me a wrench.
Doesn't every man? Can you hand me that wrench.
I'd never say no to a beautiful woman.
You are a godess, can you reach in here and hold this for a minute.
Nearly done. You don't need any work done, you're stunning.
Done, where do you want me?
Yes ma'am
God that feels good, now suck it.
Now ride me.
--Watch her--
--Go to the lounge--
--Take CD--
--Go back to map--

>Go to your apartment (Home)
>Go to the computer
--Put in CD and check what's on it.--
--Next Pic.--
--Text Cassie: "I've seen them, what do you want?"--
--Text Cassie: "I'll be there soon."--
--Back to the map--

>Click on Cassie and Vic's house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
--Go into the bedroom--
"ALRIGHHTTTT. Hey cool, mirrors on the ceiling."
"OK sure, I'll try this"
"Did your fuck-buddy move away or die of exaustion?"
--Start licking--
"Ok, move forward a bit."
"Slide your tounge in further."
"Ok, lie on your back."
--Keep going--
--Stop--(Before your jaw locks up)
--Go home for a cold shower--

*** Casey the yoga instructor ***
>Click on the gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the mens dressing room
--Get into your gym gear and go back to the corridor--
>Click on Aerobics timetable
>Click on Casey
"Hi, how you doin?"
"I don't think so, I was just being polite."
"Just looking for somewhere quiet to stretch"
"I feel the same way. If I bent over in there, I'd end up with a ripped arsehole and stretched ears."
"Same here, please to meet you I mean. "
"I won't kill anyone for you, other than that, sure thing."
"It'll cost you."
"I work for coffee, you'll need to buy me one."
"Yes ma'am."
--Lie down on Casey--
--Check mirror--
"If your boyfriend saw me doing this, he'd kill me on the spot!!"
"If you keep moaning like that, things are going to get awkward!"
"Where the hell am I supposed to look here?"
"How hard should I push?"
--Next stretch--
--Let her up--
Sure, just let me have a quick shower first and I'll meet you at the cafe.
--Leave the gym--

>Click on the cafe
--Go inside--
"Are you kidding? A beautiful girl asks me to coffee..."
"Let me ask you this. If you aren't beautiful, why do all the guys hit on you?"
"It's because you are gorgeous...Just this guys opinion."
"The problem is, guys that have the balls to walk up to you are generally dropkicks."
"I was just looking for a quiet place to stretch and you hit on me."
"Sure no problem"
--Wait until she's gone and grab her cellphone--
--Next Pic--
--Next Pic--
--Next Pic--
--Put phone away-- (Don't click next pic again... you'll get busted)
"My pleasure, how about you do me tomorrow."
"I stretched you today, you stretch me tomorrow."
"No need to apologise, I'll see you tomorrow."

*** Nicola and Misty ***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the weights room
>Click on the weight bench
--Look up--
"Geez, you scared me half to death"
"Thanks, It seems there is a lot to learn around here."
"Like what?"
"Good to know."
"Sure thing."
--Spot to the best of your abilities--
"I'd love to."
--Back to your apartment--
--Back to the map--

*** Casey the yoga instructor Part 2 ***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the mens dressing room
--Get into your gym gear and go back to the corridor--
>Click on the Aerobics Room
"Hi Casey."
"Ok, I'm ready to do this."
"Sure, how bad can it be."
--Do as she asks--
"So whats it going to cost me for this service?"
"You bought me a coffee, what's the price?"
"WOW, you had better be good company, an hour with a PT is cheaper."
"Great, tonight 8:30? What's next?"
"I don't think I like the sound of this."
"Grab her thighs"
--Stand Up--
"I wouldn't dream of it. See you at the restaurant"
--Leave the gym--

>Click on the restaurant
"Hi there, we have a reservation for two."
"Great, thanks."
"Glad one of us did, There was one point I thought I snapped something."
"I really do."
--Move around table--
"Yes ma'am"
--Look down--
--Cum under table--
"Oh crap, we are terribly sorry."
"Ah...thank you."
"That's fine with me.... You are talking about the soup right?"
"Yeah she was redder than a beetroot. Talk about bad timing!"
"It's time I returned the favour." --Put your hand on her knee--
--Push hand between legs and pull them open--
--Slip hand down her panties--
--Start fingering her--
--Finger her until she cums--
--Slide hand out of her panties--
"Lets go back to my place"
"What's going on?"
"That sucks, can I see you again."
--Leave the theatre--

*** Nicola and Misty Part 2 ***
>Click on the gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the weights room
--Go over to Nic--
"What are we doing today?"
"Absolutely fine."
"Damn that looks good."
"I feel a little uncomfortable standing up at the moment."
"Hey...this is hard work. I'm taking my mind off the pain."
"Awesome, I can't wait. Where'd you learn your technique."
"Yeah, why not."
"So when do I get to see this new outfit."
"You are killing me here. Do you like teasing me?"
"So what is next?."
--Hold her feet--
"But boy is it ever paying off!."
--Get on the ground--
"Have you looked in a mirror? You'd be enjoying a workout with you too."
"Do ducks with hard-ons trawl weed?"
"Well I'll see you tomorrow then."
"Sure, I'd love to."

>Click on Nic and Mistys house
>Click on front door
"You drive like a maniac but I kept up."
--Watch them walk away--
--Sit on the couch--
--Wait patiently...and pray she doesn't notice the door is open.--
I was ... the door... she just. Ah Crap.
--Sit with your fingers crossed and hope they make up...with baby oil.--
--Fuck it!--
--Back to the map--

*** Nicola and Misty Part 3 ***
>Click on the gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the weights room
--Go over to Nic--
"I think I just came in my pants."
"Well, what's first?"
"Lead on pretty lady."
"OK. My turn."
"Holy crap!!! How much did you put on there?"
"Ahhh yeah...I was just having you on."
"I have a new favourite exercise."
"No wait... now I have a new favourite exercise."
"What is it?"
"I'm sure you'll have a back up plan."
"Sure. Lead the way."
"What are you doing?"
"Hell yeah!"

>Click on Nic and Mistys House (To get the Dildo)
>Go down the alley way
>Click on the top left window
--Keep Watching-- (10 times... or 11, I lost count)
--Sneak in--
--Grab Dildo--
--Go back to Alley--
--Leave Alley--
--Back to the map--

>Click on the Gazebo
"Yes ma'am"
"Wh wh wh what are you doing?"
"Not really, no."
"Oh shit, hey that feels great."
"Oh.... ahhh.... Hi officer."
"Look officer, I'm terribly sorry. How about you just let us on our way?"
"Thank you sir"--Go back to your apartment--
--Continue back to your apartment--
--Back to the map--

*** Casey the Yoga Instructor Part 3 ***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the mens dressing room
--Get into your gym gear and go back to the corridor--
>Click on the Aerobics Room
"That's quite alright, what's all this."
"Ah ok. How about I leave you to it."
"Now I'm interested in yoga"
--Try to look like you know what you are doing--
--Try harder (you currently look very silly)--
"What do you want?"
"Yes I have."
"I'll be over as soon as I get a chance."
--Mental note... get over to her house!--
"What can I do for you?"
"Ah, yeah, sure. How about later today?"
--Enjoy the view--
"I'm feeling a little 'stiffer' now than when I started."
"Don't get me wrong, I got a lot out of it."
"They were just asking if we were a couple.. they said we looked cute together."
--Head back to your apartment--
"It's absolutely no trouble."
"Fabulous idea. Thanks for offering."
"I'm not the one with a hot ass in a g-string."
"You guess right. Think of it as the price of admission."
"Don't let me stop you."
"Almost. Watching you in their is fantastic!"
--Fumble around getting undressed--
"I think my knob speaks for both of us! You are stunning."
--Move closer--
--Turn her around--
--Turn her back--
--Cum inside her--
--Wash yourself off and get out--
"How about round two?"
--Sit down--
"I don't think I'll ever forget."
"Is that a problem?"
"I can see why."
"Don't raise your arms above your head and you'll be fine."
"Anything to help. You'll knock em dead."
--Lean back and relax--
--Cum in her mouth--
"You know how to work a knob, that's for sure."
--Take a nap--
--That was a good sleep, leave the apartment.--

*** Nicola and Casey Part 4 ***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the weights room
--Check Phone--
--Check attachment--
--Check next attachment--
--Close phone--
--Leave the Gym--
>Click on your apartment (Home)
"I will be getting speeding tickets in the mail."
"I can explain..."
"Casey, the yoga instructor was here last night."
--Say nothing--
"Why would I want to do that?"
"And what are you going to be doing?"
"Give me the phone."
"OK, she's on her way. Promise me you'll stay out of sight."
"So what are you getting out of this?"
"Well you had better hide then."
"Wow you look good."
"Yes ma'am!"
"Every man you walked past wearing that is hard."
"My god you are good with your mouth."
--Move up the bed--
--Take off her shirt--
--Think about drywall, think about latest sports results--
--Turn her around SLOWLY--
--Turn her back around--
"I'm cumming"
"I have plenty more where that came from."
"I guess we should get some sleep."
--Wait until she is asleep--
"What's your plan?"
--Look left--
"I'm ready."
--Enter her quietly--
--Head over to the window--
--Follow her--
--Take off her skirt and turn her around--
--Turn her back--
--Cum inside her--
--Go and find clothes--
"Hell yeah... now get out before we wake her up."
--Get back into bed--
"Fancy a quicky?"
--Grab her arse--
"Seriously, you are going to leave me standing at attention?"
--Watch her leave--
--Back to the apartment--
--Back to the map--

*** Cassie and Vic Part 2 ***
>Click on Cassie and Vic's house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
--Go to her bedroom--
"With you dressed like that, I don't think you could stop me."
--Get dildo--
--Follow her instructions--
--Insert dildo--
--Hump away--
--Keep pounding--
--Start tugging--
--Cum on her stomach--
--Find your clothes--
--Back to the map--

>Click on Cassie and Vic's house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
--Go in--
--Follow Nicky--
--Go in--
--Check out the power point.--
--Get to work.--
--Keep Watching--
--Do as she says--
--Look down--
--Look backwards--
--Cum on the floor--
--Finish the wiring and leave--

*** Vic and the Recectionist FINAL***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
--Talk to the girls--
"Hello ladies."
"(Coyly) Game for what."
"Yes maam. When do we get started."
--Leave the gym--

>Click on Cassie and Vic's house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
--Go inside--
--Follow them--
--Fight the urge to join in...or wank furiously--
--Think about something else... when are my taxes due?--
--Try not to think about wanking into her tights--
--Back to the taxes, did I carry the one?--
--I think that means I get a refund this year--
"Do either of you know if I can claim lunches as an expense?"
--Join in--
--Follow instructions--
--Take her panties off--
--Go down on her--
--Tell them both to roll over--
--Lie down--
--Look right--
--Look down--
--Cum in her mouth--
--Go and sit down--
--Watching that, I'm lucky there is any blood left anywhere else in my body--
--Go over to the bed--
--Slip you cock in--
--Go faster--
--Cum inside her--
"Ahh, now that's a story for another time."
--Go and sit down--
>Click the donate button... help me to write "The Physio". Every little bit helps!
--Go into the bedroom--
m cumming

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Re: The Gym - Walkthrough by sportd

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This is excellent! Thank you.
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