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PostPosted: Sun, 11Jun05 09:45
by mudplugger
Here you can download the complete walkthrough for "ROBOZOU" wrote by Mudplugger (.txt file)

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PostPosted: Sun, 11Oct30 11:57
by jissou
mudplugger wrote:Here you can download the complete walkthrough for "ROBOZOU" wrote by Mudplugger (.txt file)

je n'est pas les droits nécessaire pour voir la suite y a t il un souci

I is not the rights necessity to see the continuation has t he a concern there

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PostPosted: Sun, 11Oct30 18:12
by Loup Garou
I was reading your latest walkthrough for Robo and I noticed one little thing. This is not important, but for gaining control of little sister, while 16:45 is as good a time as any to get sis, it is not the earliest. I tested a number of times and found that the absolute earliest you can go home and still get sis is 16:36. As I said, not important, but a little more information....

After reading the whole thing, I thought of a few other notes:

Sister: After you have the chip in her head, your sister... is YOURS every late night. We are not just talking the taking of the virginity. She will never say no to you if you talk to her in that time period. You can have her do doors from 21:00 to 21:55, let her go, hit the SAVE button (if, when you hit save, the game then makes you sleep, just load the save and it will return you to that time so you can finish the night), then start talking. The robot may show up periodically... and he may talk your ear off (i.e. talk to you enough that you will reach 23:00), but with the game saved at 21:55 (more or less), if he talks you too much, the next morning, you can just load and return to the night before. Try it. We both know it will work on day 6. Play it to day 8, late night, and try it. When she shows up to talk to you instead of him, she WILL fuck you.

Teacher: If you get her the afternoon points on her first day (walk in and out of doors before you sit around for 16:36 and sister), in the next segment (evening), take control of her, walk her down to the enema spot and -- guess what -- there WILL be an enema there waiting for her. The enema is there for anyone you control.

To give you an idea of how I develop my girls, I concentrate more on the teacher. after school on 6th, walk her around 15:00 to 15:55 (and then get sister). Evening of 6th, I do enema on teacher. Night of 6th, I take sister's virginity. Morning of 8th, I enema teacher. After school, I talk to the girl, save, then keep talking till I can talk to the teacher and do vacuum. Evening, send teacher to enema. Night, have sister walk doors for an hour, save, then talk to her and fuck her (using load if Robo talks too much). By now Teacher is over 300 and sister is around 75. On the 9th, I start sending sister to enema (morning). Do last vacuum with teacher (who now breaks 400) after school. Evening, I get first official fuck of teacher. Night, I fuck sister again by talking to her. After that, I can concentrate on sister with 3 enemas and a late night fuck per day because Teacher is at least in 400's, usually at 500. I also make sure that, at some point on the 9th, I get the anal toy into the teacher. Why? On morning of 13th (the day you go for the student), you can fuck the teacher anally AND you can do it through both increases of the computer without blowing the two of you up.

Point system:
0+ (sister only) During late night segment, when sister is programmed, you can fuck her -- but only if you can get her, instead of Robo, to enter your room using the talk button.
100+ (all) you can take off top.
160+ (all) you can insert dildo and anal toy* (and I THINK that is the minimum to get the nipple pierced)
200+ (mom only) you can get blow-job from mom
400+ (all) you can fuck that character (if she is in room with you at 398 and you try to fuck, she will say no. Walk her in and out of door and then try again and it will work. 400 IS the number)
I have yet to actually TRY to figure out the points for taking off panties, but I assume it is 160+ (or 200+)

*note that the time period must BEGIN with a score of 160+ for you to get the electronic devices. If you begin round at 158 and do some doors and then look for the toys, they still aren't there. But if you had gotten 2 more points the period before, all devices would be available. You should be able to insert anal plug and dildo into mom during Day 2 after school segment when you are sending her to the T to get exposed in public which means that theoretically, on day 6, you should be able to fuck her anally, but you are busy elsewhere...

Sorry to throw all this at you, but, hey... thought you would like to know. 8-)

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PostPosted: Mon, 11Oct31 14:46
by jissou
merci ;)

Thanks ;)

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PostPosted: Tue, 11Nov01 21:38
by tgbyhnujikol

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PostPosted: Mon, 12Dec03 06:27
by derangedgames
wow, i have been looking for info like that. Thanks!

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PostPosted: Sat, 13Mar02 18:09
by Josefus
A very interesting game. Too bad, because the children act.
I am fundamentally opposed to such games. Sex with children. heee.
Ok .. the game comes from Japan.
Technically very well done.

Exelenter Walktrough. Shit that my english is to bad