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Re: VDG walkthroughs

Postby setu7700 » Sat, 16Apr23 18:47

I want Sci fi girle erica walkthrough . plz anyone give me.
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Re: VDG walkthroughs

Postby Skelaturi » Sat, 16Apr23 20:05

setu7700 wrote:I want Sci fi girle erica walkthrough . plz anyone give me.

My Correction

setu7700 wrote:I want Sci-Fi mission, Erica walktrough . please, could anyone give me one, thanks in advance.

For your information, we have a multi-lingual user-base. So people that don't speak English well, use a translator-tool for translations. So corrected it in the quote. Next: Search this topic, they are already inside this one and on the official Vdategames site
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