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Re: Character Feedback

Postby Niauropsaka » Wed, 17Sep06 01:08

In brief: Yes, you can adjust head size to fit some of the larger bodies, and that helps.

Longer answer: I think you can use different solutions for different characters. You can have some very curvy characters with less muscle definition by not adding so much "bodybuilder." You can tone down some of the big curves on the really athletic characters. You can have others with your preferred mix of build where you've increased the head size. And a few where they are a little small-headed to emphasise that they're just that burly.

In real life, "big and lean," "big and smooth," and "big and Rubenesque" all have different mixes of creases and folds. You're trying to add elements of two different body types, one with a lot of muscle and one with a lot of fat. With either morph dial low, and the mix taken to a small degree, it looks fine, even realistic. With both at extreme ranges, it looks very stylized.

If you have two dials that each add a lot of bulges, and keep the sum of two dials below a given number, maybe 150%, that might avoid the pin-head look.

But it's your game, so do what looks good to you.
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