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Re: Christine

Postby phreaky » Fri, 10Sep03 07:17

For all of you who like christine,
I am in the process of persuading her to be involved in a game

Well, its not a usual virtual date game though, kinda different experiment :D

So, for now I think I will not gathering images of christine anymore

Hopefully the next time you'll see her is in that game :D
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Re: Christine

Postby Rikwar » Fri, 10Sep03 14:58

Hey thats great phreaky and do keep persuading her til she agrees [img]images/icones/icon15.gif[/img]

Well hope to see her as soon as possible, appreciate the great games done..Keeley's my favorite so far, thanks to Tlaero also ;)
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Re: Christine

Postby Rastifan » Fri, 10Sep03 15:09

Try posing them in a dark luminous light setting. Their curves would look astonishing in the right light. Not that they already do mind you:)
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Re: Christine

Postby luke » Tue, 10Sep07 16:12

Sorry for the delay, i was on vacation. A real good art work, but i find both of them too thin. That's my opinion, and i agree with it. Even if i will really enjoy playing a game who they will involve...
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Re: Christine

Postby christine » Thu, 19May02 10:47

Your art work is amazing phreaky, I hope that we can have more games with this Christine.
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