Sexy images with no name

You found a 3d sexy girl on the net… Maybe you created one yourself … Or then you have an idea for a new pictures series… Be nice, make take advantage off it everybody…

Re: Sexy images with no name

Postby LJames713 » Tue, 16Jul19 21:18


My GOD...that looks painful for the woman.

Even as the imagery in that piece is ..."visceral"...I would think that there really needs to be a new discussion in sex-themed art (even the Male-dominated world of Porn, in general), about how to treat a woman sensually as opposed to---well, with so much brutalization.

I believe the violence in so much of this artform is wreaking more havoc than truly necessary (why must sex be so hate-filled?).

Nevermind me...I'll stop preaching to the congregation, now.
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Re: Sexy images with no name

Postby Pedro2K16 » Mon, 16Jul25 08:45

I think when her tits so brutal squeeze they must change color. If story good I don't mind S&M
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