New girls - BBW's (cup sizes that hang DDD, EE, FF and GG's)

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Re: New girls - BBW's (cup sizes that hang DDD, EE, FF and GG's)

Postby yokalocal » Sat, 08Jan19 09:10

G'day guys
Being a bigger bloke I'd love to see some bigger ladies/girls on her. Hanging boobs (DDD, EE, FF and GG's) girls that are in the 100 kgs mark. Milly finding out that real sized woman make great lovers.
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Re: New girls - BBW's (cup sizes that hang DDD, EE, FF and GG's)

Postby cowboyblob » Mon, 08Jan21 08:19

I'm not one to complain, especially about the fine CG lassies Shark's been producing, but I gotta admit they might be "too perfect."

I've been mulling over a "Date Ariane"-type one-day dating sim with a 19-century American Western motif. I could probably code it in Flash, but I'm way short on the art skills. You (a town sheriff) start the day reading a telegram announcing the release of your most deadly enemies from federal prison. Your source estimates the enemy's arrival in your town by sundown today.

You know you only nabbed your enemy by luck while his back was turned... in any gunfight, he'd probably eat your lunch, so to speak. What do you do with all the time before sundown? The final showdown will be a gunfight with your enemy, with a graphical cross-hair passing over your enemy's vitals with a rhythm determined by several factors:

The player's finesse with a mouse click
Your nervous "Jitter" factor (speeds up the rhythm)
Alcohol intake
Psychedelic drug intake

The Sheriff has several chances to "get some nookie" (which might calm his jitters or affect them otherwise) on what might be his last day on Earth:

1. The sheriff heads outside of town to practice his quickdraw on his friend's ranch property. The rancher's young daughter Donna is infatuated with the Sheriff. {Give the player real practice with the gunfight interface. Sex with the Rancher's daughter will RAISE jitter factor since it's obvious the Rancher is very protective.) (Don't make the skinny Rancher's Daughter too hot...since she is one of the easiest targets.)

2. The sheriff heads out to the Indian reservation for a liaison with the Indian maiden Telani (her Father makes it clear he expects a box of carbine cartridges, a pound of sugar, a wool blanket, and a bottle of whiskey. (She's no great prize, but can be bought. Her dental work is evidence of the efficacy of sugar bribes) Of course, he also insists on sharing his "peace pipe" full of psychedelic aromatics with he who might be his future son-in-law. (Adds erratic aiming pattern)

3. The sheriff blows off some steam with Margarita, the dusky Saloon Girl. She's a sweet girl, of course, but she forces several shots of whiskey on the Sheriff as a matter of course. Saves wear-and-tear on the goodies, ya know. (Alcohol affects jitters/ gunfight)

4. The sheriff spends some time with the pertiest filly in town, Rachel, the school marm, who spends most of today (Sunday) in church and at the church picnic to follow. A mouseover of Bible verse and Rachel's eyes will slow down time later during the gunfight... any mouseover of Rachel's "goodies," though they may be magnificent, will speed up reaction time required for the final gunfight.

Be prepared to cough up some rewards afterwards; if you were honorable with Rachel, that's where most reward should lie.

The easier "conquests" should be penalized most after a successful gunfight; the Rancher's daughter has gotten immediately pregnant and you feel a shotgun pressed to your back. Your Indian squaw might transmit typhus or smallpox to you. The saloon girl Margarita almost certainly transmits a debilitating venereal disease to you. (DUH, you should never have gotten a chance to meet ALL the girls in this scenario.

If you remained true to Rachel, you finally get a look at the spectacular goodies when she gives them up to you, the hero of the county.
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