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PostPosted: Tue, 20Jun16 19:28
by Fraps
Hello. I would like to be in contact with someone who has the skills and software to create and animate girls for a game in the style of “Fruits de la passion” which was created by Shark years ago. I have an idea for a game based on ‘Nim’ like in the film “Last year in Marienbad” and would like to work on creating such a game with him (Shark already told me that he is not interested). The idea is to play Nim with a girl, accumulate points ($, €) which can be used to buy her clothes. I have a complete scenario ready to share. Sharks games are fascinating but time consuming. This game would be one of those quickies which can be played in 10 minutes or so.
Here are links to the 2 games I want to combine. “Fruits de la passion” is no longer on Shark’s site, but still on Horny gamer. ... ssion.html
(even though it says html, it’s actually a flash game) ... _game.html