Mortze -iksanabot new project

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Mortze -iksanabot new project

Postby iksanabot » Mon, 19Apr22 18:18

Hello, I have kind of an announcement to make. You may know Mortze as the artist on the immensely popular Elsaverse adult games, written by Tlaero. If you don’t, and you want to know what I’m discussing here, search “Tlaero, Mortze, Patreon”. Tlaero has recently “retired”, leaving Mortze without a writer. As a huge fan, I wanted to help Mortze keep his patreon page going. So I offered my help, and now we are considering making a game together. Below I’ve pasted what we are posting to his patreon page. This will give an idea of what we want to do together. For those of you who are disturbed by the thought of me leaving the LOP team, don’t worry, I’m not. I still have projects moving forward with Lesson of Passion. I have a little extra time right now, and I wanted to help Mortze, and explore the idea of making my own game, with more creative control and greater share of revenue. Ultimately, I would consider quitting my job to do this full time (for both Lesson of Passion and for Mortze) if there was enough money in it. If you are interested in what I’m proposing to do with Mortze, please go to the Tlaero and Mortze patreon page and comment on this post. We need to know how much support there is for this. The most important thing is to know if Mortze can prevent a drop in his income, and if I can make enough extra money to justify spending more time on making adult games. This is from the Patreon post:

“Hello everyone, I’m iksanabot. I am the writer that has offered to help Mortze keep his Patreon support going. I have been involved in the adult gaming community for almost 10 years, and it was Tlaero’s work that first got me interested in writing my own game. I have written several games for the adult game production company called “Lesson of Passion.” My most successful games include the Living with Temptation series (Living with Temptation, Living with Temptation expansion: Wife Gone Wilder, and Living with Temptation 2: Foreign Affairs), and Seducing the Throne. My style is more light-hearted and raunchy than Tlaero, but I am very capable of writing more emotional, character-driven stories. I have a short story series on an erotic literature site ( called “A Glorious Tease”. If you want to see an example of my more sophisticated work, check it out. Even though the games I’ve written in the past are less serious and more hardcore than what Tlaero would normally do, I think their popularity is mostly due to the way I write the characters. I like to write believable people that the player can relate to, and then put them, believably, into unbelievably hot situations :)).

Some of you who know my work may be excited at the possibility of me and Mortze teaming up, while others may be horrified to think of me bringing some of the themes I write about to the Elsaverse. Let me remind you that Tlaero vouched for me. Though I have written lots of hardcore scenes with promiscuous women, I like to write strong female characters, and I want to make the player have to treat women with respect and consideration in order to get any kind of sexual reward. That is admittedly at odds with the fact that the Living with Temptation series is about a man tempted to cheat on his wife with the hot live-in nanny that is taking care of the baby. I guess I have to take that mark against me if it bothers you, but that game is complicated. And at the very least, you have to treat the nanny with respect and consideration to make anything happen with her, and you have to treat the wife with respect and consideration to reach any of the good endings with her. So, I guess to sum up, I do let my players be a little bit bad sometimes, but never all bad. I am disgusted by games with rape or anything even remotely related to rape. I am also not a fan of incest or tentacles, in case you are worried about that. If you guys support Mortze and I working together, we will write a game with believable characters who you have to treat well to earn experiences with. Even so, you won’t be locked into monogamy unless you want to, and there will be opportunities for group sex, if you want to do that :).

This brings me to the possibility of finishing Darkness Falls. For now, I don’t want to do that. For one, I don’t want to learn how to use Adventure Creator - I just don’t have that much extra time. Second, I am not comfortable taking control of Tlaero’s major characters. Tlaero gave her blessing, but I honestly think I would be paralyzed by the concern that I would write them in a way that hurt or disappointed Tlaero, and no amount of reassurance from her could help me get over that concern. Third, I have a ton of game ideas and really just want to get them out, without delay. So, what Mortze and I have been discussing is making a game that is set in the Elsaverse, with cameos from all the Elsaverse characters, but with a more light-hearted story. As a rule, the more major a character was in Tlaero’s writing, the less of a role they would play in the new game, for the reason I’ve already expressed. So yes, maybe Miranda or Elsa might show up for a hot scene, but they will not be central characters. As of now, we are considering Serena, Paul’s co-worker from Saving Chloe, to be a main character, with at least two other major love interests that will be completely new to you (including a hot redhead, for those of you who love Lisa from Living with Temptation), and lots of other peripheral characters. So, we are looking at a light-hearted, fun and funny Elsaverse story with tons of opportunities for sex. The story won’t be about the supernatural stuff that is in the Elsaverse, it will be much more about the characters. It will be character-driven, with tough choices and some emotional situations, but those will come in between less serious scenes that are just fun, or that just build sexual tension, or that make you smile for some other reason.

I am going to post this to some of the forums where people know my work, and get the word out to hopefully bring more patrons here. Mortze and I need to know how much support we have out there for this partnership. Please comment and let us know what you think. I hope you want me here, I will do my best to do right by you, by Mortze, and by Tlaero.

This is all by no means decided. Mortze is in control. If the majority are against this, he may decide not to make it happen. So tell us what you think.”
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Re: Mortze -iksanabot new project

Postby Sarchx » Mon, 19Apr29 19:27

Well, that's a lot of different things ro respond to. I'll respond here though, as I'm not a patreon.

First off, I feel sorry for Tlaero, that she couldn't continue. It's tough to leave something you love, for any reason.
Together with Mortze, I think she raised the level for this genre. (If you're reading this, thank you for your stories, and for raising the bar.)

Secondly, Living with temptation was one of my favorite games, so obviously I'd love to see what you and Mortze can create together.
I have no doubts, that it will be of the same high quality, although it will be something different.

Last, but not least - I think you and Mortze should start off, with a project of your own. If nothing else, to get a feel for working together.
Leave Tlaero's major characters alone for a while, since regardless of how well you write it, I think people have explicit expectations for those characters by now, and it'll be hard/impossible for anyone to take them over, right away.
Even though you're not making a sequel, I think the response would be the same, as when Living with temptation 2 was released. (Even if Tlaero wrote it, and passed it on as yours!)

Those are my thoughts and suggestions for it.
I hope you do end up working together, and I'm sure we will see a great results, regardless of what you decide to work on. [img]images/icones/icon10.gif[/img]
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Re: Mortze -iksanabot new project

Postby MaxCarna » Sun, 19May05 11:17

That's a very sad new, I didn't know about Tlaero.

I hope she is fine and one day she could go back to this activity, with her partner permission, that was I vaguely could understand. I'm very lucky to have a wife that support me on this kind of content creation, this is probably a hard challenge in any part of the world.

I just ran to Tora's page to read a little about it, there are big text's there that I want to read more carefully. I'm very sorry to miss this topic and their page for so long.

I usually don't make this kind of intromission, but as it as the topic request, here is just another option.

I strongly believe that you two should partner together. Mortze is a great artist, basically it was his blog that brought me here, to game development. It is good to know that he will still count with a good writer filling him with stories so he can continue to produce his art. And you Iksanabot seems more than qualified to produce great stories to meet great pictures.

But just like the partnership between Tlaero and Mortze presented us with this great serie Elsa-verse instead of another games for Keeley-verse, I believe that this is an opportunity to you two create a new serie, a new -verse, different from anything from before. I saw some similar cases, it was always very ungrateful for the professional that tried to continue another person's legacy. Even if he make a great job, some people will still complain, just because he is not the previous person. Also he would be somehow locked somewhere between his own style and the previous style. Don't hurry based on the fear of patrons leaving from Tora, make a long term planning, involving more than a game.

I wish great luck for you two
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Re: Mortze -iksanabot new project

Postby Greebo » Mon, 19May06 00:14

I'm only just finding out about TheWriterFormerlyKnownAsTlaero's dilemma and I'm sad that her answer is to withdraw from an activity she obviously enjoys. In the circumstances I can't help wondering whether she has levelled with her OH and talked things out openly.

My wife and I are well aware of each other's interests and activities -- she is fairly well known in slash fiction circles and has been for over a decade of writing and art (initially Harry Potter with a preference for Snarry, and more recently 'The Flash'). I've beta-ed some of her stories despite MM fics not really being my scene (my personal preference is heterosexuality, although I have written FF scenes and even MFF a couple of times).

When I'm not commenting and taking pleasure in things on this site in particular, I enjoy writing explicit stories with varying degrees of porn type activity, although I have even written a 20,000+ word Harry Potter themed fic of my own bringing together Hagrid and Hermione at Post War Hogwarts. I have yet to publish a single word although my wife has read two or three of my creations.

I guess my point is that having some separate interests, even what some may consider to be dubious interests, to one who is a partner in a loving relationship, need not stress that relationship once those interests are known and accepted. Of course, if anything one partner likes becomes the grit in the vaseline of love for the other partner, it is time for serious thought and discussion, but there is often room for compromise or acceptance i believe.
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Re: Mortze -iksanabot new project

Postby kessie8dn » Sun, 20Oct25 12:46

Sorry for the delay but, sadly, I don't usually check this board.

The characters in the Shark/Elsaverses feel more developed than the "grind" of LoP, so I would very much look forward to seeing what you'd be capable off once free of the LoP leash. Count me in.

Tlaero will be a great loss to our little community. With the best games seemingly becoming more complex and taking longer to produce, the more people creating them the better for us who can only sit in awe at the feet of such talent.

I'm still no fan of the Patreon thing (Yep! here we go again :crazy: - Gimme a break, guys. It's been a while :lol: ) For one thing there are far too many incomplete projects. Who can afford to commit to open-ended sponsorship, especially if there may not be another update? Shit happens - even to the likes of Tlaero. It's hard to know which horse to put your money on when you know youi may have to accept months of inactivity, but never sure if that's ever going to change.
I'm happy to dip into my pocket for Shark from time to time (less so for LoP, but I do) because I know there's new content, but I'm sure that's not entirely satisfactory for him.
It's a pity some kind of brokerage site can''t be set up where various creators can share all their games under a single subscription. They'd get a share of the money for a set period of time whenever they post a new game or chapter (for example 3 months per chapter/update (not bug fixes), 12 months for a completed game?). I'd expect it to cost a bit more than (for example) just Shark's, but at least subscribers would feel more confident of some new content for their money, so subscriptions should remain fairly constant and developers would see a more steady income, not just a surge when a new project is released.
I think it sounds a bit like Playforce One, but they only deal in free-to-play and LoP only deal with their own-brand products. Is there a way to join the dots?
I've no idea how it currently works -I naively assume all the people credited in Shark's games have provided their time for free as part of their hobby. My lack of knowledge is what has stopped me from opening this as a new topic. I feel it's something the devs would have to agree upon and thrash out in much more detail before asking for opinions from the wider community - Having noted the names who've commented here so far, it seems a good enough place to start [img]images/icones/icon10.gif[/img]
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