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Re: New Game - Joe White

Postby Broken Knight » Thu, 17Mar23 17:20

Exar - if you never found them, I can go see what they are and let you know!
Or give some hints -

What 13 did you get?
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Re: New Game - Joe White

Postby wagner » Sat, 17Mar25 19:59

exar wrote:
Broken Knight wrote:
Additionally, I made a game called 'Brotherly Love' - ... VlTYmhGZjA

Thank you for playing!

    In 283 moves, you have scored 13 of a possible 20 points. Your score consists of:
    2 points for setting your revenge in motion
    2 points for showing up to the date prepared
    1 point for helping Brooke loosen up
    5 points for claiming Brooke's virginity
    3 points for fucking your sister in the ass

what did i missing?

Three points in the bathroom, one more for a repeat of that action in the bedroom. One after you loosen her up in the restaurant. There's one final point as you end the game, so you don't actually get a 'full score' message for it.

That leaves one remaining point, but I'm not sure where that is.
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Re: New Game - Joe White

Postby karrek » Fri, 17Mar31 17:14

I very much liked Brotherly Love. If that was your first attempt at a game I can't wait to see what you do once you have some practice.
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