Glamour Game (Russian/English translation)

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Re: Glamour Game (Russian/English translation)

Postby xravensfan » Wed, 17Feb22 04:34

Massage - no. How do I unlock it at the Beauty parlor?

This game is solid. I have tried other Russian games... and they are not near what this one is... The author is making another game on P..... so it gives you hope the next game will also be awesome.
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Re: Glamour Game (Russian/English translation)

Postby ptmg30 » Wed, 17Feb22 14:11

How do you make the game full screen? The menu's stay in Russian, and they're buttons so I can't copy and paste to a translator?
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Re: Glamour Game (Russian/English translation)

Postby Sarchx » Wed, 17Feb22 16:35

You unlock the massage by advancing the talks with your sister I think. (Talks over coffee, in the morning). She's a friend of Olga.

I don't think you can make the game full-screen. Atleast I've not been able to.
Most of the russian, will be translated (If you followed the install procedure and got and API key as described.)
It took me a couple of times, to get it working right - and even then it would mess up occasionally. (close the program, and open it again to fix.)

Here's a hint, if you haven't found out already.
You have the different icons, regarding tasks, inventory etc. on the right of the screen. (Above the status bars.)
That seems to be unstable (atleast for me), so the status bars and everything would dissapear.
The icons are still there, just not showing, so if you click where they are supposed to be (The relationship one.) then it'll all display correctly again.
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