Early alpha test for browser compatibility: Mini Game

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Early alpha test for browser compatibility: Mini Game

Postby jilliangates77 » Sun, 16Nov06 03:28

Hi all-

I'm trying to learn and figure out the best way for me to make games that work on the web, especially on mobile devices. This demo was created with vn-canvas (MIT license, via Sourceforge) and contains a menu as well as a brief sprite animation. It works on my Windows 10 Desktop PC, Chrome or Firefox, as well as Macbook Pro, Firefox, Chrome (not Safari) and iOS 10, iPhone 6 - Chrome, Firefox and Safari. So for my devices, it only failed on Safari, Macbook Pro, running El Capitan.

It also didn't work on my SO's iPhone 6 Safari, or iPad :( Can a few nice people here give the URL a whirl and let me know if the menu works, if you can see the animation, and what browser / OS / version / device you used?

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Re: Early alpha test for browser compatibility: Mini Game

Postby pipboy » Sun, 16Nov06 14:28

It all works well on my win10 pc with chrome and firefox as well. Only one problem though, when you move the mouse around you can see the grey edges of the image. I don't know if it was intended or not. Looks really good btw! Keep up the good work :)
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