Nightstud 3 / Scoreville clone

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Nightstud 3 / Scoreville clone

Postby caric » Tue, 16Sep27 22:39

As i mentioned in another topic, i'm thinking about taking advantage of the source code sale of Nightstud 3 and create a new game that is a mix of Nightstud 3 and Scoreville.
I want to create a small team for this and I can contribute with the graphics since i'm graphic artist, i could help reskin the game with new stuff, but i know nothing about programming so
a programmer would be essential for this idea to work... any programmer interested?
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Re: Nightstud 3 / Scoreville clone

Postby muttdoggy » Wed, 16Sep28 02:09

A gentleman on the fenoxo forum called mharris is also expressing interest in this. ... ment=86690
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