DRAGON THRONE (chapter 1,2,3)

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Re: DRAGON THRONE (chapter 1,2,3)

Postby nezumi69 » Wed, 16Aug31 00:19

Coming into the chat with the old man, where Synthesis unlocks, I had 1 healing potion in my inventory. Synthesis opens, and he asks you to make a potion. Only thing you can make is a healing potion. When complete, the counter stays at 1, instead of rising to 2. Then later, during the attack on your home, Melisa gives you 5 mana and 5 healing potions. I had 3 healing and 2 mana potions made prior to this gift. When I first went to use a healing potion after beginning the orc fight, my counter was 5 for each potion type. The counter worked correctly as far as I could tell other than in these 2 instances.

BTW, first time playing your game (which I'm finding interesting so far), after the chapter 3 release, so not using an old save and getting a compatibility error.
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Re: DRAGON THRONE (chapter 1,2,3)

Postby cj1015 » Sat, 17Apr29 22:15

Okay a few things;
I really thought this game was really cool!
That said...
Key Controls? Thought I was stuck in the prison but figured it out but a what key does this use would be helpful too.
Quest log- What quests are currently active? Who the crap am I looking for.
Additionally some kind of regeneration would be nice? HP Mana that kind of thing... By all means make it slow but put it in.
I like the rescipies that is a cool addition.
I wish there was a compel command... or at least there should be...
and something more subtle than that, which requires a little less mana and is more effective over the long term, maybe "Push?"
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Re: DRAGON THRONE (chapter 1,2,3)

Postby nacho666 » Sun, 17Jul23 06:49

Hi, where can i find the rose to the love potion?
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