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Re: [v0.22] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sat, 18May05 12:11
by Gaweb Studio
Hi guys !

Download links

What's new :

  • Money added to the game
  • 15 items added
  • 4 shops added
  • 7 jobs to earn money
  • 5 private lessons event to raise your skills faster
  • Emiri obedience level 3 & 4
  • 4 new extra girls
  • New Yoga club in Street J, Downtown
  • New Firm law office in Street N, Southside
  • Girls now use their swimsuit and sport outfit when required
About the items :

Currently, items are divided in 3 categories : food, drink and gifts. You can buy items and give them to the girl for an affection bonus. Giving food will lower their hunger while giving them drinks will increase their bladder level. You can also eat food or drink drinks yourself to restore stamina. You can access and use your items in your status page, Items tab. To give items to girls, just talk to them and you'll see a new option for that. The affection bonus will depend on either her food taste or her gift taste which can be discovered through one of Lily's spell at the moment.

The outfits type of items will be added later on once we've organized and produced all the images for their sexy casual outfits and sexy underwear.

At the moment, I only added 15 items to see how it goes. Truth be told, I lacked inspiration for them so we'll be added a lot more with each patch and versions in the future.

About the shops :

I've only added 4 shops since they were not that many items yet but in the future, the town will have lots of shops. Shops can sell the same items but at different prices meaning it'll be interesting to discover the best spots for each type of items (in the future at least).

The outfit and underwear shops will be added when the proper images have been prepared as explained just above. Those will sell the sexy casual outfits of most girls as well as the sexy underwear. The sexy work outfits will be unlocked through quests.

Jobs & Training :

Currently, the only way to earn money is to work. By talking to the right girls at the right locations, you'll have access to an option to work with them and earn money.

Some girls will also offer to train certain skills for money. It's faster than doing it by yourself and can also lead to H options (in a later update though)

The new extra girls :

3 of them are basically teller or saleswoman for the several shops and park in town. The 4th one is actually special and will be quite useful. She is the mayor assistant. By getting friendlier with her, you'll be able to change the different work rules in town and basically unlock the sexy work outfits of other girls. But that'll also come later.

Re: [v0.23] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Tue, 18Jun05 13:14
by Gaweb Studio
Hi everybody!

Download links

What's new?
  • Added loader interface
  • Added new sexy outfits for all girls
  • Added bus and taxi system
  • Added ability to change hero name
  • New events for the harem path
  • New options for blowjob command depending on girls
  • The polish translation has been completed by Akla. Big thanks to him for the time he took!
About the loader interface:

When launching the game, a loader page will appear first to give more information on what the game loads and where. This interface has two upsides :
  • if they are any missing some files to run the game, a warning will be shown to help and quickly know the path and the files missing.
  • the full path of the game being shown, I'm hoping to solve issues with the Mac and Linux versions which at the moment, fail to load files due to incorrect path. Hopefully, we'll get more info with the loader to solve this issue.
Besides the loader, I've also added some more bug reports in game when problems occurs, like missing image during sex scene so we'll be able to get more accurate information when an image is missing.

About the outfits:

You can buy them in the clothes and lingerie shops in the mall. Once you bought them, you still have to give them to girls with the "Give item" command. Then go the wardrobe and it'll be available. The girls will accept the gift at any level but will still need enough audacity to wear them.
Last time, we talked about implementing a new layer system in the game to display each girl with 3 differents layers (instead of 1 as it is now) : naked, underwear and cloth layers. We ran some tests with this new system and there are still some quirks with it so we decided to not release it yet. What it means concretelly for you is that with the current version, you will not be able to see the underwear below the outfits yet. For example, many sexy underwear have garterbelts but if the girl wear the sexy casual cloth, then the sexy underwear will not appear unless in x-ray mode. You can still make her wear only the sexy underwear if you want to see them though. Once the 3 layers system is implemented, you'll be able to see the underwear even when the girl wear some cloth above. We're still thinking about wether to implement this for the sex images too, we'll release a poll about a few ideas we have to let patrons decide this part.
I'm also aware that the wardrobe buttons are a bit strange now but they do work. Since I'll need the new layer system to correct its behavior, I had to leave it as is for the moment.

About the taxi and bus system:

To travel faster in town as well as reducing clicks, you can now take the bus or ride a taxi. There are 5 bus stations to switch between districts easily and it only costs 2$ per trip. To take a taxi, a new taxi icon is available in the city map. The cost depend on the time it'll take to go to your destination. Take the bus increase travel time by 20% while taking a taxi decrease travel time by 20%.

About the custom hero name:

Requested by some of you, I added this feature since it was not too difficult. When you start a new game, you'll be able to change the name of the protagonist. For players using an older save, you'll have to load the game, save it (to add the new key) then edit the save file located in the saves folder, search for the string "mcname" and change it to whatever you want.

Note that the custom naming ony works for english and french languages at the moment. I'll have to check with the russian and polish translators for their own languages since I heard it might be different.

About the new events of the harem path:

The wiki not being ready yet (CarpeNoctem is adding a lot of info in it and we'll release it once it's more complete), I'll keep updating the patreon walkthrough for the time being. You can get more info on how to take this new path there. But basically, you will have two series of events to choose to unlock the harem path, before corrupting Anael's spell.

About the bug correction:

There was an issue with the version number when saving games. This caused some updates I made when loading save game to update game data not working. The last related problem to this was Emiri level 4 event which required a specific variable to be set which was not present until v 0.23. This is why some of you couldn't trigger her event even though I told you should be able to in patch 0.23.1. Anyway the issue has been solve for the version number but for Emiri's level 4 event, if you already triggered Naomi's confession event in v0.22 or before, it means your save file is missing the correct variable and you'll have to edit your save file manually to add it if you want to keep using your save file and still trigger Emiri's event. Here is the process if you're interested:
  • Open your save file with a text editor
  • search for "stats":"{\"c2dictionary\":true,\"data\":{
  • Add \"varnaomiconfessed\":1, at the end (dont forget the comma at the end)
I hope this version will increase the stability of the game. As always, don't hesitate to report any bug you notice.

Enjoy !

Re: [v0.24] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Tue, 18Jun26 03:30
by cj1015
Okay I had a degbug log at some point not sure what exactly that was about. I can get it if you want.
I got a lockup when I asked for tutoring and didn't have any money.
I can only load it once per session, that is that it won't open for me more than just one time and then I have to do a restart (not sure about the causation of this)
Like the new scenes with the rich bitch girl, I'm still exploring so I'll let you know if I find anything else.

Re: [v0.24] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Wed, 18Jun27 19:45
by cj1015
And you need some kind of counter on the status menu for sexXxen.

Re: [v0.24] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Thu, 18Jun28 06:23
by cj1015
The Victim Tracker spell
Guide has an E in it.

Re: [v0.24] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sun, 18Jul08 20:00
by cj1015
Another thing that would be helpful would be a different menu for the girls, something like (school, Townies, secondaries?) I don't know how you would want to separate them but having a giant list is a bit cumbersome. 24 girls is hard to figure out who is who and if there was a breakdown that would be good. So that you aren't chasing after girls who aren't going to yield what you want. Look forward to the next update and am curious as to what else that will mean.

Re: [v0.24] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Wed, 18Jul11 16:15
by Gaweb Studio
Hi guys!

Download links

Glassix 0.25 is out!

There's quite a lot to say about this update.

New events list interface:

This new page is accessible from the top right scrolling menu or pressing F6 during the game. It lists all unique and daily events accessible in game (I removed a few which were not relevant though). It uses a simple color code :
  • Events in white are completed
  • Events in grey are not completed
Note that repeatable events reset each day so they will only become white the day you completed them then go back to grey the next day.

I've taken the time in this update to organize events a bit mot properly. Now they have a type and a trigger condition.

  • Unique: It will trigger only once during your playthrough. Some unique events can sometimes be repeated if the wrong choices have been selected.
  • Repeatable: Those will be reset each day. Among them, some have conditions which only repeat each X days, such as christmas events.
Trigger condition:
  • Walk: Those events automatically triggers as you walk around and fulfill the conditions
  • Sleep: Those events trigger when you go to sleep. Only 2 events so far use this trigger type.
  • Talk: Those events trigger when you use the "Talk" option after interacting with a girl. So far, only the new student uniform quest uses this trigger.
  • Give: Those events trigger when you give the right item to a specific girl. So far, only giving the diamond necklace to Hikari to get her vote uses this trigger. If you already completed this quest, no need to retry it because this small event doesn't have any H content.
90% of events have a Walk trigger but I'm hoping to give more interactivity in the game and maybe CarpeNoctem will have some use for those 3 new trigger types to give more diversity in events (before this, it was hard-coded so not much liberty).

A filter allows you to quickly search through them.
  • Filter by name: Filter all events containing the string you typed.
  • Filter by type: Mentioned above
  • Filter by girl: It will filter all events where the girl you want appear in its trigger conditions (Girl must be in room condition) as well as events linked to the girl's gallery
  • Filter by trigger: Mentioned above
Finally, clicking on an event will list all its conditions in the bottom right panel. Here again, a simple color code is used :

  • Fulfilled conditions appear in white
  • Missing conditions appear in grey
With this new interface, you should have a complete understanding of what you can do in game. Moreover, since this interface parse the game files directly, the listed conditions can't be wrong like what could happen in the wiki or the walkthrough. Finally, this list is automatically updated as the game gets more events so no more missing events.

This should really help make the game clearer for everybody and resolve a lot of problems some of you had to trigger specific events. You will now know why it's not working.

Complete choices list during events:

Similar to the new events list interface, this update will helps makes things clearer during the game. Now, all choices will appear during an events. It uses a simple color code as well:
  • White choices are accessible choices
  • Red choices are accessible choices which will trigger a fail. Failed choice usually give an affection penalty but some rarely trigger some naughty result so keep an eye on those.
  • Grey choices are inaccessible choices and can't be clicked
Choices requirements tooltip:

Similar to event trigger conditions, choices have requirements to become accessible. Listing all of them as explained above will give players the complete list of choices in game. While hovering a choice, if it has any requirements, they will be displayed in a tooltip which also uses a simple color code:
  • White requirements are fulfilled requirements
  • Grey requirements are missing requirements
With this, you'll just have to remember the grey requirements, fulfill them then retry the event to get access to this choice. It should make the game less of a hassle in general.

Layer system:

I've implemented a first version of the new layer system for the girls. When a girl appear in town while you walk or when she talks during an event, instead of having only 1 image displayed, the game will show 3 layers : naked, underwear and cloth. This will allow the player to see the proper underwear below the cloth and allow any combination of cloth/underwear. This won't work during H images in events though so as explained before and as the poll result decided, we'll only prepare a fixed set of images for this part.

This new layer system is not perfect yet. The edges of the cloth and underwear have lost transparency during the process for some reason I still have to figure and the automated process is not perfect when removing the required part. This is quite visible for girls with pantyhoses or socks. We'll correct those images manually at a later date since it's not that game breaking and not too annoying visually yet.

New events:

I've been busy with all this new stuff on my side but don't worry, thanks to CarpeNoctem, you'll get new sexy content:
  • Kristina level 3 and here related commands
  • 6 new teaser events for Lily: Accessible for her level 0 or 1, they are intended to make her easier to level up meaning faster access to the end game
  • Blowjob variation for some girls
  • New academic training for Okimi, more expensie than with Saiko but more rewarding
  • Added Shiho house in Street O, Southside
  • Added Miwa house in Street P, Southside
  • Added Fujiko room
Hope you'll enjoy!

Re: [v0.24] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Wed, 18Jul11 16:17
by Gaweb Studio
cj1015 wrote:Another thing that would be helpful would be a different menu for the girls, something like (school, Townies, secondaries?) I don't know how you would want to separate them but having a giant list is a bit cumbersome. 24 girls is hard to figure out who is who and if there was a breakdown that would be good. So that you aren't chasing after girls who aren't going to yield what you want. Look forward to the next update and am curious as to what else that will mean.

Ah sorry, for not replying sooner, I come less and less on the forums lately.

For the menu, indeed it can be a bit annoying. Maybe using categories has you said. I'll think about it when I have more time.
For the sexen, there was a bug indeed. You can actually see it in your status page now.

Re: [v0.25] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sat, 18Jul14 21:47
by cj1015
Okay some bugs that I have noticed, if you have a score over 100 for one of the the lifeguard job doesn't see it I think the same is true for the library job, I think that should be an easy fix... I'll check out other stuff as I go along.
And I noticed that some sex acts produce no sexen. Not sure what you did but I have seen it a few times or that it's not reporting on screen. Not 100% on if it does or not. But you might want to look into it.

Re: [v0.25] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sat, 18Jul14 23:05
by cj1015
Strip club bug if you do the strip club job three times in a row you get an error, and a graphics glitch.

Re: [v0.25] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sat, 18Jul14 23:12
by cj1015
Another thing, maybe the carpet should match the curtains? (for some models?)
maybe a shaving option for some girls? (IDK I think it would be a crazy idea)
Um the Secretary... There should maybe be a creampie, cuckold option for her?
are you going to put in Ayumi's little sister?
I know lots of scripting love what you have so far.
Maybe threesome options for girls 50 points over level 4?
Right back to the game
Employers/Employees (this would include a lot of some of the misc girls), Townies(some overlap), Hospital, School, Maybe something about by the girl's house location? also, that might be a good way to differentiate the girls.

Re: [v0.25] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Mon, 18Aug13 14:25
by Gaweb Studio
Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply, I was away on vacation and only came back a few days ago. I'll check all your points asap!

Re: [v0.25] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Mon, 18Aug13 14:25
by Gaweb Studio
Hi guys!

Download links

Glassix 0.26 is out!

What's new?
  • New dating feature
  • Kristina level 4
  • New H options for jobs
  • A few extra and a lot of bug corrections
About the dating feature:

I'll start by saying the feature is not complete yet (about 85% done) but is playable and will allow you to see where this is going.
First, affection cap has been changed from 100 to 200 (loading an old save will automatically multiply affection by 2 for all girls).
There is a first affection cap at 160 when you do normal stuff or give items then to increase affection to 200, you'll have to go on successful dates. (I'll review expensive gifts to increase affection above 160 too with a modifier to make them more interesting to purchase too)
Once a girl is friendly (120 affection), you can start asking her on a date by talking with her. You can choose a location, a day (week end only) and a period (morning, afternoon or evening). A new date menu has been added in the hero status page to track your planned dates.
With the current set up, you can plan 6 dates with 6 different girls in one week end. But of course, missing a date will result in an affection penalty with the girl.
Each dating spot has one or several hobby focus which you'll have to match to the girls hobby traits if you want to increase your date chances of success. You'll also have different choices during the date which will impact on the result of the date depending on her tastes and gifts preferences.
The player is now able to discover the girl's traits during a date (whereas before, you could only discover them with a spell).
To help the player during a date, I added some tooltips to the choice listing the related traits. If the player knows the trait, it will appeared in color (red for bad trait, white for normal trait and green for good trait). If unknown, it will appear in grey and if the choice is selected, the trait will be discovered and colored the next time a choice using this same trait is used.
So to sum up this feature, you just go ask a girl on a date, try to pick up the best choices you can during a date and at the end of the date, you'll get an affection gain (or loss if you REALLY fucked up :D)
With this new feature, I hope to give a lot of new things to do with your girls to make them feel more unique and fun to play with.
Now the bad news about this:
First, I've only been able to implement one dating spot : the aquatic park. With my focus on the code, I have to say my imagination ran a bit dry when it came to write the dates themselves. I'm not completely satisfied with this date because it's a bit too straightforward but I didn't want to delay it much longer. There is also a lot of new possibilities here to make dating entertaining by using the players skills as different result (for example, getting into a fight and requiring enough fitness to win). I'd like all the different I've been working on in the past to interact with each other to make an really fun game to play.
Second, I've not been able to complete the official girlfriend feature. The idea here is simply to make your relation official and unlock some extra stuff with your girlfriend. It also impacts the jealousy feature I planned (when you end up meeting an official girlfriend with a date resulting in a bad event).
Third, same for the phone feature which was planned to make it easier for the player to reach girls.
Those three points will be worked on in next update. In retrospective, this feature was quite ambitious for only one update. The code added was quite complex and even though the dates are shared between girls, they still have different reactions during those to make it as authentic as possible which means a lot of different text to write too. On this note, the variations per girl have not been added yet but are planned too :x
To sum up the bad news, the core of the feature is done but still need some work.

About the H options for the jobs:

Following the latest "[url='']Extra content poll[/url]" results, CarpeNoctem has been working on adding a lot of new sex options for the jobs as you wanted and I'll say he did a really nice job, some of those options are really arousing. I hope you'll enjoy them too!
On a side note, I'm planning to create a custom poll webpage to give more votes depending on your pledge tier since Patreon doesn't offer this feature (yet?)


I also changed two minor things which should help in game :
  • I've added a daily affection gain if the affection of a girl is below 100 and the girl has not been ignored. The idea is that a girl's affection will tend to come back to neutral overtime.
  • I removed the travel time delay while taking the bus since I felt like it was a bit to punitive in the end (it was 20% slower than walking before). The taxi stays the fastest way to move with 20% faster travel time (besides teleportation of course :p)
And of course, some more bug corrections you can see in the changelog if needed (mainly some outfits issues). Bug reporters have been credited in the changelog, thanks a lot to them (and to all other reporters who also reported the bugs but a little too late :p)


Re: [v0.26] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sun, 18Sep02 15:21
by Gaweb Studio
Hi guys!

Download links

What's new:
  • Added girlfriend option when affection reaches 200
  • Added choice during night to sleep with girlfriend
  • Suspicion feature added
  • More personalized texts for the Aquatic Park date
  • More job H-scenes for the cheerleader training and the Aquatic Park lifeguard (threesome and foursome)
  • Utako's wedding. This event completely change the way you have to handle Utako, because you have now less than 5 weeks to raise her to level 4 before she gets married. After the wedding, obedience events won't be possible anymore: to get her, don't forget to go at this wedding.
  • Utako's emancipation: if you succeed the wedding event and you bring her to 160 Affection and Obedience, you can date her
  • New item: vibrator. You can give it to a girl and activate it in certain detailed circumstances to have a bonus scene. Aiko and Saiko's scenes are ready. Probably more will be ready next month.
  • New locations : Airport hotel and sex shop in Northside
  • A lot of bug corrected! Thanks to all the players giving feedback to eradicate them :p
About the girlfriend feature:
Currently, the only advantage of getting a girlfriend is getting a new option to sleep with her in her room at night. More unique stuff will be added later.

About the suspicion:
When having sex in exposed locations or by choosing daring options during choices, a new global suspicion variable increases. When reaching 100, it'll trigger a new game over. Suspicion decreases by 1 each day and later, we'll add more options to decrease it (like using sexen or money)


Re: [v0.27] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sun, 18Oct07 14:44
by Gaweb Studio
Hi everybody!

Download links

What's new ?
  • Added slave mode feature
  • Added 3 new dates: Entertainment park, museum and beach
  • Added 2 new vibrator events: Rin and Naomi
  • Added new bed blowjob command for all girls with some variations between girls
  • Added alternative endings for show ass, show tits and strip commands (so you can see what it would be like if we extended this feature to all other commands making it easier to chain sex commands)
  • A few annoying bugs solved
About the slave mode feature:

When buying the slave mode spell from Lily, a small event will trigger to allow you to choose how your slaves will call you. Then to toggle slave mode, you'll first have to use doll mode on a girl and select the new slave mode option.
Girls in slave modes behave like normal (meaning they still go to work and such) but they have a different interaction menu. To make it easy, the sex commands from the normal behavior are still accessible in slave mode and new specific slave commands will be added at a later date.
In slave mode, the affection, obedience and obedience level conditions for events or choices are always true meaning you won't need to grind obedience or affection for low level girls if they have their slave mode on. (I still need to add some limits to trigger by level increment because right now, you can trigger the level 4 before the level 1 and it could cause problems if some prerequisites were set in the obedience level 1, like for Utako. So be careful)
You can change the master name either in the main character page (for all girls) or choose how a specific girl calls you by talking to her in slave mode.

About the bugs:
  • The affection reset to 160 has been solved.
  • Lily's plan can now be triggered properly
  • The suspicion game over can now be triggered (but still needs to talk with a girl level 3 to get initialized, it might change in the future)
  • Plus a few other minor bugs, check the changelog
I got a lot of reports about missing images or wrong outfits.

Regarding the wrong outfits, it's usually the girl being naked being reported. This is not a bug actually, it just means the images for the related outfit have not been generated yet and the game default the images of the command to the naked "outfit". In the future, we'll add all outfits images but it'll take an update on its own. It's not that urgent and is quite time consuming so I'll focus on more pressing matters.

Regarding the missing images, some events are actually limited to specific outfits and we failed to add those limits in the choices or events conditions. I've started added them in v0.28. For example, the vibrator events for Saiko requires her to wear either her work or sexy work outfit. If you choose another outfit for her work period, the vibrator option will be unavailable. The tooltip will let you know about such new conditions. Since there are possibly many other events with the same problem which might have escaped my grasp, if you notice more, let me know which event had missing images and I'll check that.
This update should be the last big feature added to the game (even though it's still not complete yet). Next update will focus on the endings (a poll will start soon to vote for which ones to focus on first) and once done, we'll see what feature you want improved.

As always, let me know if you encounter any trouble with this version.

Thanks for your time and support!