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Re: [v0.9] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sun, 17Jan08 10:23
by Gaweb Studio
Gorp wrote:Thanks for creating a great free game. I really enjoy the art and the girls available are great. I appreciate that you included girls with different body types, personalities, etc...

I think the gameplay is interesting, building up relationships and unlocking events that are available only at the right place and time. However, I've found the grinding to be a bit much. I realize that it takes a while to build up a relationship, but since I can only increase relationship by one point at first, it takes a long time to get the ball rolling. Then one wrong move and I lose a LOT of relationship points, possibly undoing an entire week's worth of relationship building. It seems like the negative effect of actions should maybe be a little less severe. Alternatively, maybe give the player a hint when you do something to piss off one of the girls, lose the relationship points and then show a message that says something like "Requires relationship: 40" or whatever. That way I don't keep trying to do something to figure out when it's ok to do, losing ground each time.

The other thing I would like is a way to travel more quickly (in real life, not in game). So instead of having to move myself through each and every screen on my way from one location to another, if i bring up the map, give me a way to click on a location in the map and "quick travel" there, with the appropriate amount of time passing in the game. Even if it was just the major locations (houses, apartments, school) I spend most of my time navigating the environment, rather than interacting with the girls, which is the fun part.

Again, I really like this game, unique story and gameplay, just a few tweaks to focus my time on the fun parts without the less fun grinding.

Adding the requirement for commands is indeed an idea I also had and is doable. I'll try to add it asap.

For the grind feeling, I'm a bit mixed there.
I don't want to impose limits on the player but at the same time, I don't want all girls to be level max in one normal playthrough. How I see it currently is that once the plot is more advanced and a few more key features are added (money, karma etc...), the player will have the ability to reach different endings, based on his karma (good or bad, depending on how he used the glasses). Good endings will target one girl (yeah because a good guy is faithful :D). Bad endings will be related to the doll mode and which girls the player will have sacrificed. So there wouldn't be much point to grind ALL girls because the endings will focus on either single girl or specific groups (family, classmates, teachers etc...). Adding a new game plus feature so the player keeps his money would make the next playthrough easier and would allow him to focus on new girls he didn't previously. I don't plan to add a time limit so if one wants to grind ALL girls, why not, but again, not much point.

The affection stat will also be reviewed when I add the dating feature in game and the player can buy gifts with money. Again, a complicated feature which might take some time to be added.

For the quick travel, it's been mentioned and will be added by two means : Bus stations located around the town with low fares OR a taxi which will pick up the player in any public street and drop him in any other street at a higher fare. But it'll require the money feature to be added first.

Re: [v0.9] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Fri, 17Jan20 09:48
by Gaweb Studio
Hey guys,
Some of you might be aware but it's Chinese New Year pretty soon and I have some unplanned family visitors staying with us for a few weeks, meaning I won't be able to work on visual sex content as fast as I usually do.
This means Glassix will be delayed by a few weeks. However I can still work on non visual stuff like features so I'll tkae this opportunity to add more content for the next version and add Southside and correct a lot of issues in the game a lot of you reported. This will also give me the chance to spend more time on my new game, Vampire Revenge Rebirth and introduce its main features sooner than planned hopefully.
Thanks for your patience and feedback !

Re: [v0.9] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Wed, 17Jan25 06:36
by HeyChief
Hi Gaweb Studio, first remember to take the time to visit with family. That is why we are here, the game can wait as we(I) play it for fun, and to try and figure out how you made it because....someday.
Thank you again for the game. HeyChief

Re: [v0.9] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sat, 17Feb25 04:00
by Gaweb Studio
Hi all

With some delay, here is the new version !

Important : If you have version 0.10.3, delete it completely ! Don't try to overwrite ! Save files are not compatible !
If you already have 0.11.0 or 0.11.1, you can just download the patch and overwrite the files.

Download v0.11.2 (1.59Go) : MEGA or MEDIAFIRE

Patch 0.11.X to 0.11.2 (21.8Mo) : MEGA or MEDIAFIRE

Walkthrough updated to 0.11.2

What's new ?

  • Game structure overhaul to make it easier for translators and modders to work on the game
  • Game font changed to Verdana to add compatibility with more languages (russian, chinese, polish...)
  • Russian language added by Miss Viola. Huge thanks to her !
  • Obedience events level 4 for Aiko, Kana, Rin & Ayumi, Okimi, Sarah and Ryoko.
  • Gallery mode added
  • New save structure. You can now find your saved files in the folder "Glassix/saves". PREVIOUS SAVE FILES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE ! YOU'LL HAVE TO RESTART A NEW GAME !
  • Skip text hotkey : Ctrl
  • 4 passer-by girls : Only introduction events and toilets scene. The rest will be added asap and I'll start a poll to let patrons vote for which girl should be prioritized.
  • Southside added with aquatic park
  • New tabs in status and my status menus
  • Added affection and obedience penalty if you ignored the girl for 3 and 7 days
  • Sarah and Ryoko now have a level 1 command
  • A lot more stuff, check the changelog in game if interested

So if you read this, you'll notice I'm missing 4 level 4 girls. Unfortunately, I spent too much time on the game structure overhaul and was short on time with the level 4 creation. I could have delayed a few more days however I have some important family matter this week-end so I wouldn't have been able to finish them anyway, which is why I decided to push it now as planned (minus the 1 day delay). Another reason I push it now is because the game structure has been changed, I simplified the game XML and I haven't been able to test all the events to confirm everything was fine. So this version will be kind of a beta test. I apologize in advance if you encounter any game breaking bug in your playthrough. Be sure to save often !

I also announced 11 passer-by girls to populate the city but only delivered 4. I do have all the files for the 11 girls created by CarpeNoctem however english not being his main language, there are quite a lot of spelling mistakes which I started to correct but I had to give up after the 4th girl due to lack of time again. There are also some issues in girl's events which slowed me down even more. But hopefully, with the new game structure, those kind of delays will disappear totally since modders will be able to test their girl directly on their own machine instead of validating the files with me. For those interested, you can actually enable the 7 remaining girls by editing the config.xml file located in the data folder. But I can't guarantee the quality yet.

The big structure overhaul refers to the new data folder appearing in the Glassix folder. This data folder contains all the key XML files used by the game and you can pretty much hack the game by editing them if you wish so. My point was to give free access to those files for players interested in either translating or adding new girls. Now, translators can simply open the en.xml files, translate it, rename it to their own country code with their flag icon and the game will automatically detect it and display it in the options. Same goes for girls (but they require much more stuff to work though).

Another big feature added in this version is the Gallery mode. It works quite similar to other games obviously, the only trick being that when you replay an event, only the choices you've selected will be available. Meaning you'll have to either replay and change your choices or just reload the game jsut before your choice and select another. The gallery is updated right away and a text popup will let you know when it is.

About the new save structure, I was often asked by players where the save files were located and I couldn't find a clear answer myself. So I created a custom save engine which are now stored in the game's folder directly.

You'll notice new tabs appearing in the status menus. This is a reason I was not able to delivered all the H content as planned. I spent a little too much time preparing for future features which I already detailed before. Those tabs are not in use in this version but will make it much easier for me to update the game with new features in the future. More detail on that later.

I added an affection and obedience penalty when girls are ignored for too long. This still needs some balancing but in the future, when there are many more girls in town, it'll be much more complicated to level up all of them. The future gifts and dating features will compensate for this loss.

Finally, I added a keyboard shortcut to quickly skip text : Ctrl. I'll make it customizable in the future but it should make new games less of a hassle if you already know the story and want to quickly proceed in the game.

I'm planning v0.12 for the end of next month. It'll add the remaining obedience level 4 events, the new 7 extra girls and new commands for anal.

Let me know if you encounter any trouble !

Thanks for your support and patience !

Re: [v0.11.3] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sat, 17Feb25 11:17
by Gaweb Studio
Small bump. v0.11.3 out.

Patch 0.11.2 to 0.11.3 (8Mo) : MEGA or MEDIAFIRE

Simply extract the zip inside your Glassix folder.

Bug corrected :
  • Added Okimi's sex images during night event
  • Corrected Rin, Ayumi and Hikari schedule from 1PM to 1PM30 during week days
  • Corrected Sarah's obedience event options which triggered a "Not here" reaction from Aiko and Kana if level 3.
  • Corrected flickering text effect at lower text display speed

This should cover the remaining important bugs for this version hopefully.

Thanks for the feedback !

Re: [v0.11.3] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sun, 17Feb26 05:27
by Gaweb Studio
Small bump. v0.11.4 out.

Patch 0.11.3 to 0.11.4 (11.7Mo) : MEGA or MEDIAFIRE

Simply extract the zip inside your Glassix folder.

Bug corrected :
  • Corrected christmas event options which triggered a "Not here" reaction sometimes
  • Corrected spelling mistake for save/load in russian language
  • Corrected flickering text when choices appeared and skipped too fast
  • Corrected some events not properly unlocking in gallery
  • Corrected bug in save file list

Thanks for the feedback !

Re: [v0.11.4] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Sat, 17Mar18 18:02
by dirheim
Hi Gaweb,

I'm having a big problem since version 11, and it's that I cannot see any hentai scene, I've started a new game, and although I normally see the normal girls graphics in any situation, in any hentai situation the images disappears, only the background in shown, as if there is an adult filter on, it is really weird [img]images/icones/icon12.gif[/img]

Re: [v0.11.4] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Tue, 17Mar21 10:50
by Gaweb Studio
dirheim wrote:Hi Gaweb,

I'm having a big problem since version 11, and it's that I cannot see any hentai scene, I've started a new game, and although I normally see the normal girls graphics in any situation, in any hentai situation the images disappears, only the background in shown, as if there is an adult filter on, it is really weird [img]images/icones/icon12.gif[/img]

Strange. Did you maybe try to overwrite the files from a 0.10 version ? If yes, you'll have to completely delete your folder and download a fresh folder. Are you sure you download all the required files ? You can check in the glassix/scenes folder if you have all the images for the game. Let me know.

Re: [v0.11.4] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Wed, 17Mar22 10:36
by Sarchx
I think I've found most of the current content now, so have been spending some time on it, and it's a good game. Looking forward to it finish.

One suggestion you could consider is; Once you've unlocked all options in a category (i.e. standing sex.) you could make a "do it all" button for that girl, which only shows 1 frame for each position. (but adds the stats/obedience/relationship for each of them.) That would speed up the game somewhat, and avoid of "clicking through because I've seen this 50 times now." It gets a little repetetive, especially if you've targetted one or two girls for days.

Re: [v0.11.4] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Tue, 17Mar28 15:09
by Gaweb Studio
Indeed, that could speed up the game but you lose a bit of the gameplay with this. I plan to keep the cheats even in the final version for players like you who don't like to grind :p

Re: [v0.11.4] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Mon, 17Apr03 05:21
by Gaweb Studio
Hi all,

With some delay, here is Glassix v0.12.0.

If you already have v0.11, here is the patch (do not try to overwrite earlier version like 0.10 !):

Download patch: MEGA

And here is the full version :

Download full : MEGA

Walkthrough updated : Click here

What's new ?
  • Level 4 for Hikari, Mitsuko, Naomi and Saiko
  • St Patrick events (by Carpe Noctem)
  • New anal command for standing position
  • New anal command for chair
  • New anal command for bed
  • Remaining 7 extra girls added (no level yet)

This new version focus only on new H content.
The new commands have some variations, about 2 or 3 depending on the positions. Thanks to CarpeNoctem for his hard work. More text variations will be added later on.

I'm not sure what I'll focus on for next version. I'll let you know when I decide :) But you can expect it for the end of this month.

As always, don't hesitate to report bugs and give feedback, it's always helpful.

On a side note, I'll be away for the next 2 days so I'll correct any bugs as soon as I'm back.

Thanks !

Re: [v0.12.0] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Mon, 17Apr10 18:12
by Gaweb Studio
Hi all,

Here is Glassix v0.12.1. It requires Glassix v0.12.0.

Download : MEGA or MEDIAFIRE

Here are the important bugs which have been corrected :
  • Save pagination
  • Deidre character image resized properly
  • Missing events from gallery added (Saiko level 4 and St Patrick in Sarah's tab)
  • Choices are smaller so we can display more of them
  • Fujiko and Chan-Mei images for their meeting event have been corrected
  • And a few more which you can find in the changelog menu

As for Glassix next update, I know a lot of you are expecting Lily or new characters however I'm planning to work on the artificial intelligence. I read what a lot of you fear : making the game more difficult since girls schedules would be more random but this is part of what I want for the game. Each girl has specific interest so players who wanna rush things will still be able to find regular patterns in their schedules.
Moreover, this update is not only related to their schedule, it is critical for future features as well as improve the game overall feeling :
  • The player will see girls walking around town when they need to go to their next destination. It will be much more lively.
  • When the player asks a girl to follow and the girl reaches her timer or the player ask her to stop following, instead of teleporting to her schedule current location like what's happening now, she will walk all the way back to her next location.
  • Ability to customize the girl outfits (casual, work, swimsuit, bath). It could work on a schedule or just for the day.
  • Plan dates with the girl and meet her at chosen locations
  • Having more than 1 girl follow you, based on relation between girls (for example, Hikari might not follow you if you have Ryoko already following you)
Finally, this update would simplify the XML content.

It will not impact events at all since girls will still walk to the event location before the required time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding !

Re: [v0.12.1] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Mon, 17Apr24 23:48
by HeyChief
Has anyone else had a problem of triggering the 11PM? Porch scene with her? I can not get it to trigger Saturday evening.
Thank you for any suggestions (yes Sara ai a level 4 with 100 & 200 stats. I'm going [img]images/icones/icon12.gif[/img]

Re: [v0.12.1] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Fri, 17Apr28 10:26
by Gaweb Studio
HeyChief wrote:Has anyone else had a problem of triggering the 11PM? Porch scene with her? I can not get it to trigger Saturday evening.
Thank you for any suggestions (yes Sara ai a level 4 with 100 & 200 stats. I'm going [img]images/icones/icon12.gif[/img]

Strange. Have you been able to trigger it since you asked ? It's a daily event so maybe retry the next day. It's available on Saturday and Sunday at 11PM with Sarah level 2+ on your balcony at home

If you can't trigger it, could you send me a copy of the bugged save file ? It would help me find out what might cause the problem.

Thanks !

Re: [v0.12.1] Glassix - 2D hentai game

PostPosted: Fri, 17Apr28 21:07
by HeyChief
Now I know why I missed the trigger, was looking for a location to trigger at Sarah's home, not mine thanks