[v0.9] Glassix - 2D hentai game

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Re: [v0.9] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Sun, 17Jan08 10:23

Gorp wrote:Thanks for creating a great free game. I really enjoy the art and the girls available are great. I appreciate that you included girls with different body types, personalities, etc...

I think the gameplay is interesting, building up relationships and unlocking events that are available only at the right place and time. However, I've found the grinding to be a bit much. I realize that it takes a while to build up a relationship, but since I can only increase relationship by one point at first, it takes a long time to get the ball rolling. Then one wrong move and I lose a LOT of relationship points, possibly undoing an entire week's worth of relationship building. It seems like the negative effect of actions should maybe be a little less severe. Alternatively, maybe give the player a hint when you do something to piss off one of the girls, lose the relationship points and then show a message that says something like "Requires relationship: 40" or whatever. That way I don't keep trying to do something to figure out when it's ok to do, losing ground each time.

The other thing I would like is a way to travel more quickly (in real life, not in game). So instead of having to move myself through each and every screen on my way from one location to another, if i bring up the map, give me a way to click on a location in the map and "quick travel" there, with the appropriate amount of time passing in the game. Even if it was just the major locations (houses, apartments, school) I spend most of my time navigating the environment, rather than interacting with the girls, which is the fun part.

Again, I really like this game, unique story and gameplay, just a few tweaks to focus my time on the fun parts without the less fun grinding.

Adding the requirement for commands is indeed an idea I also had and is doable. I'll try to add it asap.

For the grind feeling, I'm a bit mixed there.
I don't want to impose limits on the player but at the same time, I don't want all girls to be level max in one normal playthrough. How I see it currently is that once the plot is more advanced and a few more key features are added (money, karma etc...), the player will have the ability to reach different endings, based on his karma (good or bad, depending on how he used the glasses). Good endings will target one girl (yeah because a good guy is faithful :D). Bad endings will be related to the doll mode and which girls the player will have sacrificed. So there wouldn't be much point to grind ALL girls because the endings will focus on either single girl or specific groups (family, classmates, teachers etc...). Adding a new game plus feature so the player keeps his money would make the next playthrough easier and would allow him to focus on new girls he didn't previously. I don't plan to add a time limit so if one wants to grind ALL girls, why not, but again, not much point.

The affection stat will also be reviewed when I add the dating feature in game and the player can buy gifts with money. Again, a complicated feature which might take some time to be added.

For the quick travel, it's been mentioned and will be added by two means : Bus stations located around the town with low fares OR a taxi which will pick up the player in any public street and drop him in any other street at a higher fare. But it'll require the money feature to be added first.
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