Superspy Steve: Oct 8th Final Beta Testing

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Re: Superspy Steve: Beta Testing - Updated Sept 11th

Postby Marco6661 » Sat, 16Oct08 06:44


I have take a look on your game and you have done a hard work, congratulations for that, but it's not exactly what I like in this kind of adventure.

I find the characters "too much", the main protagonist catches the girls too easily and, for my opinion, all of this matter is caricatural.

I have found a big bug:
-When you load a saved game, you lose all your values and start with a wonderfull zero in Promotion level and Strengh (Pc, Win7x64 Premium).

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Re: Superspy Steve: Oct 8th Final Beta Testing

Postby jilliangates77 » Sun, 16Oct09 00:13

Thanks for the question, and the feedback.

For the save game issue, I'll see if i can investigate and patch in the next version. The cache is there when I play of a lot of my games, which shouldn't be the case with a new build. :/ Still not an expert at Ren'py, if I can't figure it out, I can post on their forums to see if people have ideas (or here if people have them). :)

What's new?

This is the "1.0" version; all final maps, two new animations with Victoria and a new finish series with her, a clone series as well as numerous bug fixes & more.

For the last three weeks, I've been busy learning new Daz3d tricks, testing out content and doing some design exploration for my next game.

Let me know any and all bugs that you find so I can add them to my backlog for the "1.01" release next week.

Download links are up to date in the first post and my blog

Re: workflow for renderings:
Daz3d, Iray render set to 1280 by 720 - usually the external daylight(s) these days also with an extra 3 light setup. Sometimes postwork (tone / brightness auto) in Photoshop to adjust details, or fix small things. Usually I try to avoid post render work if I can so it saves time.
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Re: Superspy Steve: Oct 8th Final Beta Testing

Postby PinkVendeta » Sun, 16Oct09 11:52

Thanks for the update and the reply ref: Work Flow.
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Re: Superspy Steve: Oct 8th Final Beta Testing

Postby muttdoggy » Sun, 16Oct09 23:40

This game just gets beta and beta! [img]images/icones/icon18.gif[/img]
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Re: Superspy Steve: Oct 8th Final Beta Testing

Postby KingsRaiden » Tue, 16Oct11 11:33

Pulled down the latest and I do love the images, your renderings are really well done. You models are posed well and they come across as sexy.

To not spoil any points...

Just adding this to be helpful, I didn't hate the game, just felt it could fill the space better.

Overall the game tended to feel tedious after the first week. It was easy to build relationship with Chiyo and Vanessa since you had the conversation options, Victoria was harder once you lost that. If the goal at the end is to score relationship points that makes it more difficult to get Victoria to any decent level, as you are left with only the Theatre option and there are not that many points there; although if it is meant to be a harder path I can understand that I just didn't see it that way. Jennifer at least had the beach and the Lounge, so you had more opportunities there for points. Gwen sort of showed up, so I have no idea how many points you can grab with her.

I didn't do the bar in one play through so I was surprised when Gwen showed up. No idea who she was at first, that felt kind of jarring.

By the last week it was just clicking about, to see who I wanted to repeat a scene with. Doing the same one over and over for 3 weeks of play time got tedious.

The cum scenes, while nice, became not that thrilling, especially since other than text cumming on the face or in someone's mouth, it was the same image. I know it takes a long time to make images, but offering the choice would be more rewarding with an image, or maybe more description. After awhile it didn't seem to matter which I chose. The female cum scenes, I understand the need for the white spurts as visual representations, but the first time I saw them I thought Steve had cum somewhere and I missed it.

The scenes, while good, tended to be light on description on what was going on. The overall story was there, but I felt it needed more meat. A little more depth on what was going on. I didn't get the hints about some of the endings at all, but maybe that was not on my paths. I felt that the reveals at the end were kind of odd for such a small town and what was supposedly happening with the uncle and everything else.

Health was a nice touch, but how do you see it? The values for combat, I assume knowledge with the computer, and money show up on the screen. Never noticed health. Money seemed to be a waste since it never changed other than selling a car, but that first $100 never went away. Even when buying coffee.

Never understood the clone scene, hot, but it didn't fit into the narrative.

I' am glad to see you finished the game, and playing it along the way glad to see you made a lot of changes and finished. That is hard. Congrats for finishing it, my critique aside, I did enjoy playing it through.
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Re: Superspy Steve: Oct 8th Final Beta Testing

Postby botc76 » Mon, 17Feb13 21:22

I like the renders and the idea of the story, I agree with some others, that it gets too repetitive after a while.
I'm also not sure how to reach the different endings.
After Gwen I had the highest relationship with CHiyo but the only ending option where she appeared was a threesome with Victoria, with whom I had the lowest relationship of all, but had tow options for an ending with her, even if those apparently don't count toward the ending.

What do I have to do to reach an ending with Jennifer or Chiyo?
Is there a way that Vanessa doesn't betray you?
Is there a way to get an actual threesome (not just the clones thing) with Chiyo and Jennifer?

And yes, I know the thread is pretty much dead.
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