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Re: Ideas You Want To See In Games

Postby yahoo » Wed, 17Dec06 23:25

Of course I did, but LwK is still a bit too idyllic. What I'm thinking about is realism. The game should take weeks, if not months.
If the writer decides that the main character isn't very attractive (in the beginning) and that's part of the reason why his wife isn't very interested in him, if you decide to start taking care of your body, you should totally see the effects of working out. Same goes for the wife -- make her comely, but definitely not perfect. And if the guy starts taking care of himself, she should do the same. The screenplay should then reflect the progress they made.
And since that's just one angle of at least a few, oh yeah, it'd totally be a pain to execute well.
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Re: Ideas You Want To See In Games

Postby ErospaceGame » Sat, 17Dec09 04:13

Thanks for the feedback, and for the welcome!
I'm the writer for a game in development, so this thread is definitely helpful. It's a an encouraging challenge to hear that people are interested in complex relationships and good writing. I think the husband/wife dynamic you described would make for a really interesting game, hopefully one day I could try to make something like that happen!
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