Want to earn money by posting your project? Read this!

Here is your place if you want to create a game or to participate to a project. You can also present your amateur realization or look for some help.

Want to earn money by posting your project? Read this!

Postby shark » Wed, 16Mar23 00:18

It's beginning to bother me when people register here and post a game they created if it seems the sole reason is to earn money through “p.atreon . com” or similar websites. Usually their posts show little interest beyond making the 5 posts needed to create a thread. Once that’s done this forum becomes a means for collecting new "p a t r e o n s".
The “All sexy games” thread clearly states “free sexy games”!
The “Projects” thread reads “your place to create a game or to participate in a project”... Neither says somewhere to post a link to something that requires payment in order to continue or play the complete game.

For the above reasons, any game that asks for money will not be allowed without my, or one of the moderator’s authorization..

For authors wishing to post their game, the minimum criterion follows:
- Active forum participation demonstrated by a minimum of 20 posts in various threads. Permission once granted is dependent on your continued participation in other threads.
- The proposed game has to be completed and 100% playable for free, and not requires any payment to continue or retrieve the full game.
- Any game offered must comply with all lagoon rules.
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