Girls x Lust [Complete Game]

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Re: Girls x Lust (RPGMakerVXACE)

Postby cj1015 » Sun, 16Aug21 19:06


Love what you have,
it's a happy little game with lots of potential.
two or three things
I get the time thing, but it gets in the way of events you maybe want to be less specific with times...
Morning Noon evening night midnight earlymorning

The stats.... no way to keep track of the corrupting of the girls...
moral compass or something
That and it is hard to see where it is going you need something there.
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Re: Girls x Lust (RPGMakerVXACE)

Postby pizzacat » Fri, 16Sep23 15:43

Update: New Girls x Lust version 1.0 is out and posted!
Girls x Lust is now officially completed! ^^

This update has a number of small difference from 0.9, the moral degen doesn't effect how the game ends though, I've also added something at the beginning of the game that tells you now.
Thanks for playing!
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