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Re: Best Game Engine For a NEW Game

Postby MaxCarna » Sat, 20May09 11:51

velteyn wrote:
MaxCarna wrote:
velteyn wrote:So after may years we are into the Godot Game Engine era

Wow, look like a very ambitious project, very comprehensive, like Unity and Unreal.

Do you have any examples of 3D games made with this platform?

I read the Learn session, it is very well documented

We are in 2020 and now I have a showcase with full examples of games made with Godot:

I also bought a course for learning it on Udemy platform (10 bucks) I NEVER found an engine so easy to use... Definitely my choice after so many yeas !!
Here is the course:

Very interesting, a wide variety of graphic styles. Do you have any example of adult game? I would like to see how sex animations would work.
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