New Arrival? - Important read

Here is your place if you want to create a game or to participate to a project. You can also present your amateur realization or look for some help.

New Arrival? - Important read

Postby Squeeky » Wed, 12Nov21 09:42

This zone was created for like minded people to share development ideas which might otherwise be lost in other of our forums.

Here you can expect general advice on a range of software, sometimes even techniques of a general nature.
1. You have a developed/developing idea but you need someone to test it.
2. You find difficulty in defining and programming storyline decisions.
3. Display resolution will be an issue across browsers (and screens).

Do you need a partner as a collaborator?
1. You might have a full storyline (not just an idea) but are incapable of presenting it visually.
2. You are an artist with a base idea but you need assistance to develop the script.
3. You need a collaborator to create something that is not in your skills range.
4. Others?

While you can expect more,
please check the threads first before creating your own thread if we don't seem to be meeting your needs.
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