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Re: Making my first game

Postby Klaus » Thu, 10Nov04 01:47

Hello all.
I have been visiting the lagoon for some time now, and can just say great site.

Im thinking about making my first game, and i need some help to decide who will be in the game so here is a preview of the 3 girls im thinking about.


From left to right they are: Mary,Helen and finaly Sarah

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Re: Making my first game

Postby jayzeewood » Thu, 10Nov04 01:56

umm Sarah but you could have all 3 in the game in some why
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Re: Making my first game

Postby cheese101 » Thu, 10Nov04 03:43

i would say mary,however it's much of a muchness
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Re: Making my first game

Postby Squeeky » Thu, 10Nov04 03:52

Might I suggest that you read, if you haven't already, Story Date Ideas.

Develop some decisions about your girl(s), what they like, how they should behave, etc. Then you may be in better position to determine which image(s) best fit your character(s).
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Re: Making my first game

Postby Greebo » Thu, 10Nov04 04:09

Listen to Squeeky and try to get a good feel for how you think your characters should behave and react. It's probably best to make your own decisions about the characters you create and make them follow your own storyline.

We might get ideas about how we'd like your game to develop and we might even be able to make suggestions you like, but the best arbiter of what you create is almost bound to be yourself
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Re: Making my first game

Postby Arnulf » Thu, 10Nov04 07:20

Hi, Klaus, take the girls, as you wish, they are all beautiful! (my favorite is Sarah). Since I know, what amount of time it would take to create the pics for the girls, I think, it will take a lot of time to finish the game when you have selected the right girl. But in any case I'm very curious and I wish you much success in creating the game.

BTW, did you say something about you in the introduction section? It would be very welcome! [img]smile/tracker.gif[/img]
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