TimeTramps3-Satisfaction germ/engl by Josefus/Arnulf

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Re: TimeTramps3-Satisfaction germ/engl by Josefus/Arnulf

Postby Josefus » Mon, 11Feb21 22:23

Hi Laguners,

Here is the 3.Part off TimeTramps in german language

http://rapidshare.com/files/449654013/T ... _Beta2.zip

english thanks Arnulf

http://rapidshare.com/files/449736091/T ... n-engl.zip


A other kind of adventure.... shurt and hard..

No workflow... not easy but a good story... about love, crime, sex, insult and satisfaction. If you find all hotspots you win this game... if you not find the hotspots...no sex...
you see here animateted sites... you can replay the scene --> push again...

Test it... the final version is with musik. You have Two 'Start.html'

Start.html --> without musik
Start_Musik.html --> Musik

good luck
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