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Re: Afternoon to Remember

Postby MaxCarna » Fri, 18Mar16 07:55

Version 0.05 became public

I added 100 images, with 480 from previous version, now we have 580 images

- Sex scene on Jim's Bedroom
- The new path begins on "Start Work Jen Harder", be sure to choose "Demand reciprocation".
- Another 3 loose scenes:
- "Hold hands" after "Smile And Bask On The Sofa In The Afterglow"
- "Get the subject changed - and the channel" after "Accidentally Turn It To Porn"
- "Sports" after "Ask Her What She Wants To Do" (the writer removed "Romance" from the text)
- Small changes on text:
- On "Hit On Jen In The Store" as an attentive user from ***** pointed out, it was saying that Jim hiden the chocolate, but in another line says that he didn't bought. Now both lines says that he didn't bought.
- Others mentions to "essencial or missing ingredient" were replaced by chocolate.
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Re: Afternoon to Remember

Postby MaxCarna » Mon, 18Apr16 04:13

Version v0.06 became public with many interface changes, if you have time please give me your opinion about it.


Download:!wqpH0YzT!0BWzZ-ZsgNGL ... BH8D3ptVKU

Interface changes
- All links removed from first screen. Now it just the image with a blinking "Start Here" sign.
- The links are now on the second page, replacing the old disclaimer (that still was saying Afternoon to Remember).
- With all new space, I improved the links descriptions and added more info, like the game current version.
- You can start a new one or load a game directly from that page.
- The settings button were placed on the last update, but now the saves are working! Narigone helped me to create the angular controls, I was wasting too many time not generating images. Well, the menu being there, means I can add new stuff in the future
- Still working on multiple languages, the button is there, but it don't work.
- A new and cleaner disclaimer was inserted as first scene, were you can choose Title (back to splashscreen), extra scenes or start the game.
- The second, ex first, scene is were the content actually begins, with the Kayleigh path still disabled.
- Initial music became randomic. The game already has 5 background musics, but always started on 1, now it can start in anyone.
- Somepeople complained about the sound on the buttom click, so I changed to a more discrete one.

The game changes:
- We added 208 to the previous 580 images, means that now the game has 788 images.
- On "Screw it, screw her" now will have the option to finish on her hair, leading to two shameless options.
- On "My room would be ideal for a good handy or blow", added "Room Blow" and "Room Handy" options, which I recommend.
- On "Offer her something in return" now have the option to lock the door leading to alternative images and additional dialogs with Kayleigh.
- On "Demand reciprocation", now has the option to do it on the tv room folowed by "Let Fly", that also can be reached by "Look her in the eyes".

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