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Recommended/Best RAGs Games

PostPosted: Thu, 12Dec20 07:56
by mugen24
What are the best RAGs games?
What are considered the best RAGs games not involving Mind control or body transformation?
Also, are there other games like Cugel's games with custom graphics?

Re: Recommended/Best RAGs Games

PostPosted: Fri, 12Dec21 06:57
by xviii
I think it's been asked here before Re: RAGs games not involving MC and BT and unfortunately I don't think there are many at all. If anyone knows of any good new ones or some with only minor supernatural themes I'd love to know also...

Re: Recommended/Best RAGs Games

PostPosted: Sun, 13Jan13 18:41
by ZaphodB
You've probably noticed yourself but "Tales of the Drunken Cowboy" whilst ostensibly a MC game is kind of MC lite (just got to watch influence from an annoying computer but otherwise the game is fairly straight) and although not complete is a really good game.