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Re: Suggestion for new section of the lagoon - Rag games

Postby Thrain » Fri, 10Sep10 11:16

RAGS games look like text-based adventure game, but without need of using keyboard. All actions are done with mouse-click in friendly interface.

To compare flash/html game, RAGS game have more text. You can see same amount of picture in RAGS game than flash/html game.

The main difference, is in the way you will do action. In flash/html game, you will click directly on picture, or in button. In RAGS game you will right-click in list of item/character, and move through clicking on compast.

Most people prefer interaction directly with picture rather than in list. That is more immersive.
Personaly, I prefer RAGS interface. That is really a matter of personal choice.
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Re: Suggestion for new section of the lagoon - Rag games

Postby Norse Graphics » Sat, 10Sep11 02:18

A RAGS game is one made and played with the RAGS Suite which can be found at
There are thrre version there: two are 'live' releases which need to be licenced for full functionality in the designer to be gained, and a previous 'beta' release which is free and has all it's features unlocked. This beta version, does have a couple of small bugs (nothing really major) and does not have some of the new whizzy features but it is still more than capable of creating a very good game.
The style of RAGS games leans toward the graphical, with menu actions on the various components (room, player, items, characters) being used to drive the game forward.

Nice!! I'm going to have a look at this program.
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