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Re: lydia's rags corner

Postby redle » Mon, 14Apr14 02:14

Personally, I enjoy the occasional such comment. Where else am I to go to hear prophecies of gloom and doom and eternal salvation? Oh, wait, I can get that at church.

You are a good, good person. You should give me all I want to prove your goodness. It pains me to admit this, but if you don't do exactly what I want, you will be smited and shunned, not just by me, but by everyone. What I ask, though, is for your own benefit, not mine. For gold and riches beyond imagining shall be yours. If you do all that I desire, you shall not want.

** Disclaimer: I, myself, will not be doing any smiting or gold-giving. Friends, family, and co-workers will not receive any requests from my person to enact any of these punishments or rewards. I do not have, nor do I plan to have in the future, any standing army or position of great power over the masses. But, but, I'm sure the masses will decide to do this on their own anyway. Should you succeed in [strikethrough]meeting my demands[/strikethrough] proving your goodness, I will not personally be rewarding you in any way. I will leave that task for others and to mystical forces that govern such wealth distributions. I'll grant you that I haven't done any research, nor have any facts to back any of my claims. Still, I'm sure you'll agree that it must be true because it benefits me. You can hardly afford to risk the alternative.
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Re: lydia's rags corner

Postby Ramirez™ » Thu, 14Apr24 07:42

Do you go to your work, do the best you can and hope you get paid?
I doubt it.
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Re: lydia's rags corner

Postby Squeeky » Thu, 14Apr24 08:32

I think that we can lean off peter1212, he has been advised in other ways. There should be no further need to address this.
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